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Asking a friend or family to give a speech at your wedding can be on the greatest honors you can bestow upon a person for your special day. But before it’s showtime, and that person finds themselves standing up in your reception hall, with a glass of bubbly and a body of nerves, there are some things you might want to remind them of before they put their speech together and deliver it to a room full of your favorite people.   If you’re wondering what you should fill them in about, here are 7 things to remind those who are giving a toast at your wedding.  
  1. Bring an Extra Copy
Print out an extra copy and give it to a friend to hold in case you misplace yours. Save it on your phone too, just in case nobody can find a paper trace of the speech right before it’s time to deliver it.
  1. Don’t Rush to the Open bar
It may seem like a good idea to kick the nerves by taking multiple trips to the open bar before you give your speech. Try not to take down too many shots before you read your words or else you may be stumbling over them more than you’d like.  
  1. Keep it Short & Sweet
The best speeches are the ones that are short, sweet, and don’t include extra minutes of rambling words or verbal fillers.  
  1. Ditch the Inside Jokes
Unless the joke makes sense to everyone in the room, leave it out of the speech. You want to make sure you grab the audience’s attention and not make them feel like they weren’t invited to the wedding party.  
  1. Practice Makes You Less Nervous
The more times you read the speech to yourself, the more you’ll feel confident on the day of the wedding to deliver it to a room of people you’ve probably never seen before.  
  1. Remember the Audience
Keep the speech as PG as possible. Remember, the audience is filled with all different people from the bride and groom’s life.  
  1. Leave Out Anything too Embarrassing
If there’s a story or a memory that’ll get the bride or groom’s cheeks flushed red, leave it out. You don’t want to leave them in tears, bad tears, after the speech is over.

Having your closest gal pals standing by your side on your wedding day will be one of the most memorable moments of your celebration. But getting them down the aisle, sometimes, can be quite the experience filled with unexpected drama and even resentment. You may have ideas for the type of bridesmaid dress you’d like them to wear and you may even be asking them to spend a great deal of cash on your pre-wedding events. That’s why it’s extra important to make sure your bridal party feels like they are appreciated and respected along the way. Wondering how to make sure that happens? Here are 5 free ways to make your bridesmaids feel appreciated during your wedding planning process.  
  1. A Handwritten Note
Writing each member of your bridal party a handwritten note will go a long way. You can thank them for being there by your side and even for the little things that felt like giant things each of your bridesmaids did for you throughout the wedding adventure.  
  1. A Spontaneous Phone Call
Take a break from chatting about just your wedding plans and give your bridesmaids a ring to catch up on everything and anything but your big day. It’ll let them know you’re thinking about them and interested in their lives.  
  1. Give Each Bridesmaid a Task
Instead of making all the decisions yourself or giving your maid-of-honor all of the bridal party tasks, ask each bridesmaid to take on something that they are passionate about – whether it’s thinking of bridal shower party games or brainstorming locations for the bachelorette party.  
  1. Listen to Their Ideas
Tap into the ideas of your bridesmaids and be sure to listen and take into consideration the suggestions they send your way. Find a way to incorporate the ones you love the most into your pre-wedding plans.  
  1. Share Funny Wedding Articles
Keep the energy and positivity going with your bridal party before the wedding by sharing funny news about brides and bridesmaids. It’ll keep everyone laughing down the aisle.

While you can hope, wish and even pray that nothing big will go wrong on your wedding day, you never what is going to happen. Weddings are made up of many moving parts, whether that’s your handful of vendors or family and friends who are coming together for the first time in perhaps years. If you’re wondering what the common wedding day mishaps are, here are 4 common wedding day emergencies.  
  1. The Weather Drastically Changes
Even if you found yourself studying the weather very closely, you may find yourself witness an unexpected rain or snowstorm, or even a cold front, on your wedding day. If there’s a sudden change in weather, contact the venue to see what kind of accommodations they can help you with last minute and be sure to alert guests, via Facebook or your wedding website with updates.  
  1. Someone Goes MIA
Perhaps you can’t find the groom anywhere or the wedding planner is already an hour late and you can’t get a hold of her. The best thing to do is stay calm, delegate the task of locating the MIA to your bridal party or close people around you.  
  1. You Wake Up With a Cold
If you find yourself waking up on your wedding day under the weather, contact your doctor ASAP and take action right away, whether that means drinking tea with honey or heading over to CVS to pick up medicine.
  1. There’s a Family Fight
Even though you had a feeling there might be some family drama at your wedding, you may never have expected a full-on brawl. If this happens, ask someone else to chat with those family members and either ask them to leave the wedding or to separate themselves from the person who they are fighting with.  

For anyone who has been a bridesmaid as many as five times and as little as one time knows that it is no secret that being a bridesmaid can be wildly expensive. Before you know it, you could find yourself reaching deep into your pockets, or your savings account, to spend close to $1,000 on a wedding for your good friend or family member, just to claim the spot as a member of their bridal party. There’s the dress, the pre-wedding parties (bachelorette, bridal, engagement), the gifts, and of course, all of the travel and accommodations, so that you can make sure you make it to all things wedding, all of the time. So if you find that you have bridesmaids who are on a tight budget, but still want to take on the honor of standing beside you on your special day, it’s important that you acknowledge their spending limit and make sure that you take that into consideration when you’re starting to plan the ins and outs of your wedding adventure. Here are 6 ways to handle any bridesmaid, or bridal party, on a budget.  
  1. Pay Attention to Their Numbers
Ask your bridesmaids to give you a heads up on how much they are able, and would like to, spend on things like the bridesmaid dress, the bachelorette party, or even for the bridal shower if you are asking them to chip in and pay for that. Do this early on so that you’re aware of the dollar amount before you or your maid-of-honor starts the spending and the planning.  
  1. Set a Max Budget for the Bridal Party
Chat with your maid-of-honor and have her set a max-spending budget for the whole bridal party to follow. That way, your one or two bridesmaids who are on a strict spending freeze don’t have to feel alone, left out, or even singled out.  
  1. Ditch Your First Choice
When you’re working with their budget, you may find that the dress you want them to buy is $100 too much or the hotel you want everyone to stay at for the bachelorette party is way more than what your gal pals can afford, decide on a more affordable plan B.  
  1. Give Them an Out
In the end, it is your wedding. So if you’re not looking to compromise on the activities you plan or the bridesmaid dress you’d like all your girls to wear, then the best way for you to deal with a bridesmaid on a budget is to let them know that they don’t have to take on the role if they don’t want to or don’t feel like they can afford it.  
  1. Find Activities That Don’t Cost a Ton
If you’re looking to plan a bachelorette party that everyone can attend, consider doing something local and researching free or low-cost activities in the area. If you do want to plan the bachelorette party in a location that requires your bridal party to travel, try to at least plan activities that don’t require them to buy tickets or reach for their wallet throughout the weekend.  
  1. Pick Up the Tab When You Can
Whether it’s gifting your bridal party their glam squad for the wedding day (paying for their hair and makeup) or buying their bridesmaid dresses for them, try to pay for what you can so that you don’t have to put a huge financial strain on your bridesmaids, especially when they aren’t in a position to be spending cash on your wedding day.