The 5 People You Should Make Your Wedding Planner Aware Of Before Your Big Day


December 12, 2016

The 5 People You Should Make Your Wedding Planner Aware Of Before Your Big Day

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a wedding planner to take care of anything and everything for your big day, is that they’ll also be there as your people person. Whether your guests have questions or you just need to relay information to a certain family member, often times your wedding planner is your go-to person for all that and more.

Before your wedding day, it’s important to give your wedding planner the details on key people she should know about before the big day arrives. Here are the 5 kinds of people your wedding planner should be aware of.

  1. Your Bridal Party

Let your wedding planner know how many bridesmaids you have and where everyone will be getting ready in the morning. That way, she can check up on the bridal party and make sure everyone is running on time and has eaten a hearty lunch, since the day will be long and cocktail hour might be hours away.


  1. Any Potential Dramatic Guests

Hand your wedding planner a list of guests you’d like them to keep an eye out for, whether it’s a family member who is infamous for getting drunk and carried away at family members or it’s two people who just always seem to get in trouble no matter where they are. That way, they can look out for any potential signs of drama or destruction.


  1. The Immediate Family

Make a list of you and your fiancés immediate family members. These are the people you’d like to come early for pictures, sit in the front row, or receive any other special honor for your wedding day.


  1. Those Who Need Extra Help

If you have a handful of guests who may need special seating or help getting to and from the reception, let your wedding planner know the accommodations you’d like to provide them beforehand.


  1. The Person Holding the Tips

Since some of your vendors may be waiting on their final payment or even a tip on the wedding day, let the wedding planner take care of passing that out. Let them know who their go-to contact should be for the tip envelopes.



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