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What's a Bridesmaid for Hire?
Your friends and family mean the best but that doesn't always mean they are able to help when you need them. Especially since planning a wedding feels 24/7. Plus, you don't always want to dial them up with your list of 99 problems or know if they'll have the right answer to that big wedding decision.

That's where we come in.

We're the world's first service where you can hire a bridesmaid to show up at your wedding, walk down the aisle, and give the maid-of-honor speech.  You can also hire us to be behind-the-scenes, smooth out drama with a pre-wedding vent session, or to write your vows and maid-of-honor speech.

Wedding Help That Helps 

You Enjoy Your Wedding

(Because on your wedding you should eat your cake, deal with zero drama and dance without any blisters - figuratively and literally)
Personal Assistant

We take care of the dirty work so that you and your fiance, friends and family can enjoy the party.

Support System

Call us with pop-up problems, decisions or last-minute to-do lists and we'll give you expert unbiased advice.

Social Director

We're here to help plan the pre-wedding parties: like the bachelorette and bridal shower.

Peace Keeper

What's a wedding without family/friend drama? We've seen it all and have solutions to ease the tension.

Upcoming Wedding?
Right after getting engaged it all gets real: the excel spreadsheets, the advice from everyone you know, and sometimes, the support you thought you had suddenly goes MIA. We understand you and we're here to help. You can hire a bridesmaid or a day-of coordinator and even call founder, Jen Glantz, for unbiased and honest advice. At Bridesmaid for Hire, we take care of you and your wedding mess.

Maid-of-Honor Status?

Being a Maid of Honor can feel like a full-time gig that comes with a part-time headache. We have your back. Let a best-selling author and comedian write your maid-of-honor speech, download the tools you need to stay on track as the head of the bridal party and shop the maid-of-honor must-haves so you're fully prepared.

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Ready to Join the Bridesmaid for Hire Adventure?
Vote on Jen Glantz's Wedding

Meet FINALLY THE BRIDE an interactive wedding experience from the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, Jen Glantz, where you can vote on all of her major wedding decisions, from when and where she should get married, to what color dress she should wear, and read about how it all plays out.

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Learn ALL the Behind-the-Scenes secrets

Read the real-life stories of Jen Glantz’s four-year adventure as a professional bridesmaid, where she’s walked down the aisle for complete strangers, danced with drunk uncles, and helped many brides who suddenly got cold feet.

Become a Professional Bridesmaid

Looking to get into the industry or create a wedding side hustle for yourself so you can make extra cash on the side? We have your back! Check out our professional bridesmaid course to learn all of the secrets of our business & how to start your own company in a week – or less.

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In the past five years, we've been hired by over 150+ brides and maids-of-honor from all over the world.


You can hire a bridesmaid to be at your wedding wearing the dress, giving a speech & dancing the night away. But that's not the only package we offer!


We have a team of professional bridesmaids (more like wedding ninjas) helping clients when needed.


People always want to know how many bridesmaid dresses we have. The answer? Way more than Katherine Heigl in the movie 27 Dresses.


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