Bridesmaid for Hire™ AKA Your Wedding Warrior

Getting married shouldn’t feel like an endless headache even extra strength Advil can’t cure. Hiring a professional bridesmaid  means having an answer for every question, a personal assistant to help with the dirty work, & a gal pal by your side to make your wedding what it should be – the party of a lifetime!

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Are You Getting Married?

Need a wedding coach, a day-of coordinator, or an actual bridesmaid to stand up at the altar with you on your wedding day?  We have packages to support you throughout your wedding adventure as your on-call therapist, your personal assistant, your social director, and your wedding peacekeeper…because there’s always drama!


Are You In the Bridal Party?

Being a Maid-of-Honor, or a bridesmaid, can feel like a full-time gig that comes with a full-time headache. We plan the bachelorette party & bridal shower + write your wedding toast + & set you up with a month-by-month to do list that’ll make this role feel like a breeze. Don’t want the bride to know you needed help? No problem. It’s our little secret. 


Are You a Wedding Professional?

Stand out in the wedding world with a brand, business, and service that’s geared toward the modern bride. Whether you have an existing wedding business that needs a bit of a facelift or you’re looking to start one from scratch, I have the tools to help you catch the bride’s attention in 2018.


Enjoy 40% Off Jen’s New Book:

“Readers will feel as if they’re chatting with a friend, laughing while trading horror stories about the trials of dating, wedding mishaps, and that crazy job you love to hate. A winning suggestion for fans of Faith Salie, Sloane Crosley, and Mindy Kaling.” – (Booklist)


Become a Pro Bridesmaid or Start Your Own Wedding Bizz:

Looking to get into the industry or create a wedding side hustle for yourself so you can make extra cash on the side? I can help you out!


Wedding Tips + Tricks + To-Do Lists 

All the BIG DAY advice you need, from how much money to give as a gift to what to do with old bridesmaid dresses, these videos will make you laugh & teach you all the wedding stuff you need to know.




The Bridesmaid for Hire Adventure:

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What It’s Like to Work With Bridesmaid for Hire:

Amy K.

“I came to Jen with a creative vision, a desire to do things myself, and a lack of understanding where to start with all the NYC vendors. Jen listened to what I was after, helped me crystallize my vision, and quickly got me to a concise list of experts, with added tips on how to maximize my budget. She saved me days of research, tons of money, and helped me get what I really wanted. Grateful to have found her!”

Amy K. , Bride – Wedding Coaching Package
Emily J.

"Our wedding was perfect and stress free thanks to Jen. She spoke with me multiple times leading up to the event and was so sweet and helpful with advice. I had absolutely nothing to worry about the day of because Jen was there coordinating all of the details and managing many vendors. I would definitely recommend Jen and Bridesmaid for Hire for any bride – very worth it!!"

Emily J., Bride – Day-Of Coordination Package
Anne G.

"One of my Maids of Honor personally told me after the wedding how much pressure and stress it took off her being able to work with Jen. That meant a lot to me that the people I love the most got to enjoy the party. I was stress-free and happy, because my friends were stress-free and happy. Everything I read online made the wedding day sound so stressful, and busy, and overwhelming, and I felt like I was a guest at my own wedding."

Anne G., Bride – Bridesmaid for Hire Package
Ashley B.

"Trust me that everyone you already know is biased and not always in the direction you want them to be. That is why it is perfect to have Jen there to be handle any conflict in a manner that gets you(the bride) the result that you want while making all parties happy and calm. Keep calm and hire Jen… Actually, it’s keep calm BECAUSE you hired Jen!"

Ashley B., Bridesmaid for Hire Package
Linda L.

"Jen was such a pleasure to work with and heaven sent! Without her, I wouldn’t been able to deliver such a beautiful speech at my best friend’s wedding. Jen took her time to find out about my relationship with my best friend and helped me put together a speech that wasn’t just perfect but brought back so much memories that my friend and I had build in the last 15 years."

Linda L., Maid-of-Honor Speech Writing Package
Christina S.

"From our first phone call, I knew Jen was the perfect fit. She is funny, a wonderful listener, experienced, and offers an objective perspective that I truly needed. She made me feel better that for this time frame, I could be selfish and focus on myself and my needs, something I realized I wasn’t doing. I needed to just complain without feeling guilty, worry without being told not to, stress and not be told there’s nothing to stress over."

Christina S., Bride - Day-Of Coordination Package

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