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A Professional Bridesmaid’s Must-Have Picks

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January 25, 2023

Professional Bridesmaid Jen Glantz

Over the past 8-years, I’ve worked hundreds of weddings as a hired bridesmaid for strangers. I’ve seen a lot of on the job – from missing grooms to wedding crashers. One time, I even had to help a bride find the emergency exit and sneak out of the wedding minutes before the ceremony started. But aside from drama, chaos, and truly unpredictable moments, I’ve seen a lot of stuff.

I’m talking about stuff that people bring with them, wish they brought with them, or simply just didn’t think they’d ever need to have on them at a wedding.

Whether you’re heading to a celebration this year as a guest, part of the bridal party, or you’re the one heading down the wedding, here are some picks for you that will make you be able to enjoy the celebration, without worrying about anything at all.

Last-Minute Gifts

Let’s say you’re heading to an engagement party, bridal shower, or the actual wedding and realize you didn’t get the couple anything yet. Don’t worry – you still have time. Here are some gifts you get in under 48-hours that’ll make them super happy. Pro tip: Stock up on some of these now. Especially you know you have a handful of weddings to attend this year.

Stylish Shoes – That are Actually Comfortable

When you’re at a wedding, you’re on-the-go. What you wear on your feet really matters because you’ll be moving around the venue, spending time on the dance floor, and walking a ton of steps. Sure, you can bring a pair of flip flops, but that’s an easy thing to forget. Instead, invest in a stylist but comfortable pair of shoes. These are my top picks.

Portable Items That are Always a Must

Truly anything can happen at a wedding. Be the person who is always prepared – no matter what. Now that doesn’t mean you need to pack a suitcase of emergency items but you can bring some portable essentials in your purse, or a tote bag, to use in case you need them.

Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Looking to grab some items for your bridesmaids that they’ll adore? Rather than go with the traditional stuff, here are some goodies that they’ll love, use, and be happy to have even when the wedding comes to an end.

Gifts for the Bride

You might want to shower the bride with some items that’ll make her happy and excited – and not just the stuff she has on her registry. These are good little small things that’ll make her smile, not cost you a lot of money, and be a great way to show up and show support.

Books, Books, Books

Want to read some fun rom-coms that will make you feel less alone about being always a bridesmaid, going to a lot of weddings, or even about the craziness of what it’s like to get married/engaged? Here are some picks to check out.


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