Three Things to Do the Week You Get Engaged

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May 24, 2018

The moments right after you get engaged can feel like some of the happiest moments of your life. You’ll want to share your excitement with your family members, your friends, and of course your fiance. But as the week goes on, you’ll notice that the pre-wedding headaches start to knock on your door. People will be asking you if you’ve picked a date yet and you might even be asking yourself if it’s too early to get to work on your wedding to-do list. So right after the question has been popped and right before the wedding planning stress comes to sweep you off your feet, it’s important to take a step back and do these three things the week you get engaged.

1. Celebrate the Milestone

Enjoy the bliss around your engagement for as long you can. It’s a huge milestone for both you and your partner. You have both looked each other in the eye and said, “Let’s build a future together!” Whether you plan a formal engagement party with family and friends or you just make a point to do something special with your partner to celebrate, make time to make your engagement moment truly special.

2. Make a Must-Have List

Moments after you get engaged, it will feel like you and your new fiance are going straight in decision making mode, picking out a date that you want to get married on, selecting the types of flowers you want for your bouquet, and even wondering who you’d like to ask to be part of your bridal party. But before you sign on the dotted line with any wedding vendors or ask your friends and family members for their opinions, make a wedding must-have list. Agree on ten things you want to have at your wedding, whether it’s a specific type of cocktail or even a dessert. That way, as you begin to plan out your budget and make big decisions, you’ll have a list of what matters most to prioritize.

3. Plan a Getaway

You’ll need it! Wedding planning will quickly start to equal parts stressful and equal parts chaotic. A month or two in, you’ll be craving a mini-vacation that takes you and your fiance away from the decision making and the conversations you’re having with friends and family members about your big day. That’s where an Engagement-Moon comes in to save the day. A trend that BRIDES magazine has named one of the most popular wedding trends of 2018, is an easy way to press pause on your to-do list and get away for the weekend.

Manoir Hovey, an intimate Relais & Châteaux resort in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, has an Engagement-Moon package that you won’t find anywhere else.

Their “Engagement-Moon” weekend retreat is from July 20-22th 2018.  It is where couples can decompress and rekindle their relationship as they get tips for planning a great wedding.

Couples who book the Engagement-Moon will savor delicious food and drinks, enjoy activities like biking, paddle boarding, foraging, and yoga, and participate in workshops with *ME*. The fun and interactive sessions will feature such topics as:

  • From the Royal Wedding to the Latest Must-Have: Stunning Wedding Trends for Your Big Day
  • Old School: How to Incorporate the Best Wedding Traditions and Etiquette Into a Modern Wedding
  • He Said, She Said: Keeping the Peace and Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and In-Laws: How to Handle the People Who Are by Your Side During the Wedding Process
  • Things to Do Together Before Getting Married

Learn more about the Engagement-Moon here!

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