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The Truth About Engagement Stress

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May 9, 2018

Getting engaged is one of the most incredible moments of a person’s life. After the “will you marry me?” question is asked, the couple launches into a full-fledged week of endless celebrations, congratulations, and conversations about their future wedding. But after the champagne bottles have been popped and the pictures of the engagement ring have been spread all over social media, a new question begins to circulate – the question of, “what should we do next?”

That’s when, all of a sudden, the stress kicks in and the decisions pile up on a wedding to-do list that feels like it goes on forever.

“I’ve never found myself more stressed out than I did the weeks after I got engaged,” says Laurie Hart, a bride getting married in June 2018. “It honestly started to cause a lot of friction in my relationship with my fiance. I wish we put the pause button on everything, spent quality time together, and learned about what we needed to do, before jumping right in.”

The trend of going on an Engagement-Moon is one that Manoir Hovey, an intimate Relais & Châteaux resort in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, is spearheading, for a good reason, to help couple’s ease into the wedding adventure in the most peaceful and fun-filled way.

Their “Engagement-Moon” weekend retreat is from July 20-22th 2018.  It is where couples can decompress and rekindle their relationship as they get tips for planning a great wedding.

Manoir Hovey: The Truth About Engagement Stress

Couples who book the Engagement-Moon will savor delicious food and drinks, enjoy activities like biking, paddle boarding, foraging, and yoga, and participate in workshops with *ME*. The fun and interactive sessions will feature such topics as:

  • From the Royal Wedding to the Latest Must-Have: Stunning Wedding Trends for Your Big Day
  • Old School: How to Incorporate the Best Wedding Traditions and Etiquette Into a Modern Wedding
  • He Said, She Said: Keeping the Peace and Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and In-Laws: How to Handle the People Who Are by Your Side During the Wedding Process
  • Things to Do Together Before Getting Married


Here are three key tips to help you fight off engagement stress:

  1. Plan a Weekend Getaway

Spend the weekend at Manoir Hovey so that you and your fiance can properly celebrate your engagement. Going away for the weekend allows you to frolic in the excitement that you’ve both decided to take your relationship to the very next step. It will allow you to jump into wedding planning with fresh eyes and a fresh understanding of what you both want.

  1. Find the Right Wedding Help

Planning a wedding isn’t something you should do alone. Finding the right vendors is an easy way to kick off stress and nerves before your wedding. Whether you do research online or ask for recommendations, gather a team together of people you trust.

  1. Learn How to Handle Difficult Tasks

Spend a few days learning the answers of how to handle some of the difficult tasks you have on your wedding to-do list. From figuring out how to keep the peace between your friends and family to learning how to incorporate old-school traditions with a modern twist, the Manoir Hovey retreat will teach you all of that and more.


Learn more about the Engagement-Moon here!


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