3 Pre-Wedding Books to Read to Stay Calm As the Bride-to-Be


December 12, 2016

3 Pre-Wedding Books to Read to Stay Calm As the Bride-to-Be

If you just entered the wild and wonderful world of wedding planning, you may find yourself feeling quite overwhelmed by all there is to do, know, and decide on before your big day finally arrives. If you’re the kind of person who likes to bust out a highlighter and fold down pages that you can refer to later, than you may want to get all of your wedding planning info. from books you can order and keep close by for any and all questions that you have.


Here are 3 pre-wedding books to add to your library so that you can stay as calm as possible as a bride-to-be.


  1. A Practical Wedding Planner By Meg Keene

If you’re looking for a book that’ll help you figure out to plan the wedding of your dreams, on a realistic budget, this book will be your savor. You’ll find tips on how to get what you want for your wedding day, without draining your savings account or losing your mind.


  1. The Wedding Organizer By Mindi Weiss

Weddings are filled with many decisions and details and without a way to track the progress of your planning or stay organized; you may find yourself going crazy. This book helps you organize every step of your wedding planning process and does so in a way that’s easy to understand and keep you on track.


  1. The Bride-to-Be Book By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Planning a wedding can often take the fun out of your wedding. That’s’ why it is important to keep track of all the memorable moments along the way. This book lets you do that, serving as your own personal diary and record keeping guide of everything from the proposal to the moment when you say I Do and find yourself officially married.

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