The 5 Things You Should Do the DAY You Get Engaged


December 12, 2016

The 5 Things You Should Do the DAY You Get Engaged

Your engagement moment may be one of the most exciting and even best days of your life, so while you are jumping for joy that you will officially be spending the rest of your life with the person of your dreams, you also may start to feel overwhelmed at the idea of what it is you should do next. First and foremost, it’s important to celebrate with one another and then from there, follow this list of 5 things you should do that day you get engaged. 

  1. Keep it a Secret & Celebrate

Take some time to soak in your happiness and celebrate what just happened. If you want, do that with just your brand new fiancé and nobody else. It’s important to take some time with each other and enjoy the moment,

  1. Make a List of Must-Haves

Before you dive into anything else, make a quick list together of things you really want to have at your wedding, no matter what. It’s good to make a list of that before starting any other wedding plans.

  1. Tell You Number Ones

When you’ve let the moment process and sink in, let your closest friends and family know the news. That way, in case it spreads on social media first, they know before the world does and it’ll still feel very special.

  1. Don’t Make Any Wedding Decisions

You may want to spend the 24-hours preceding your engagement planning your wedding. But before you make any decisions, give it a week or two. That way, you can start planning with an open and clear mind enjoy the moment before you dive into the wedding planning chaos.


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