5 Flower-Girl Alternatives to the Traditional Flower Toss


December 12, 2016

5 Flower-Girl Alternatives to the Traditional Flower Toss

One of the things you and your guests might be the most excited about when it comes to your ceremony is having the flower girl make her grand entrance down the aisle. Perhaps she’s a family member or a close friend’s daughter, but either way, it’ll give everyone a burst of happiness watching her walk down the aisle before it’s your time to shine. If you’re looking to skip out on flowers or want to go with something more original and unique, here are 5 flower-girl alternatives to the traditional flower toss.


  1. Your Favorite Pet

It may sound equal parts funny and equal parts adorable, but instead of having your flower girl toss rose pedals, you can have her walk your pet down the aisle, that is if she’s okay with animals and the animal is okay with walking down the aisle.


  1. Balloons

Replace the flowers by handing your flower girl a bouquet of tiny balloons to walk down the aisle with instead. It will be a magical and colorful treat for her to hold as she makes her way toward the front of the ceremony room.


  1. A Picture Frame

If you’re looking for a way to remember someone who is no longer with you or who couldn’t make it to the wedding, you can have your flower girl carry a picture frame with their photo inside down the aisle.


  1. Leave it Up to Them

Let the flower girl decide what she’d like to walk down the aisle with. Perhaps it’ll be her favorite stuffed animal or her favorite toy. Leave it up to her and her parent’s to decide and surprise you.


  1. Confetti

A nice and similar alternative to flowers is confetti. It could be a fun and festive way to kick off your entrance with colorful confetti tossed all over the aisle.

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