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Common Wedding Day Emergencies


December 12, 2016

Common Wedding Day Emergencies

While you can hope, wish and even pray that nothing big will go wrong on your wedding day, you never what is going to happen. Weddings are made up of many moving parts, whether that’s your handful of vendors or family and friends who are coming together for the first time in perhaps years. If you’re wondering what the common wedding day mishaps are, here are 4 common wedding day emergencies.


  1. The Weather Drastically Changes

Even if you found yourself studying the weather very closely, you may find yourself witness an unexpected rain or snowstorm, or even a cold front, on your wedding day. If there’s a sudden change in weather, contact the venue to see what kind of accommodations they can help you with last minute and be sure to alert guests, via Facebook or your wedding website with updates.


  1. Someone Goes MIA

Perhaps you can’t find the groom anywhere or the wedding planner is already an hour late and you can’t get a hold of her. The best thing to do is stay calm, delegate the task of locating the MIA to your bridal party or close people around you.


  1. You Wake Up With a Cold

If you find yourself waking up on your wedding day under the weather, contact your doctor ASAP and take action right away, whether that means drinking tea with honey or heading over to CVS to pick up medicine.

  1. There’s a Family Fight

Even though you had a feeling there might be some family drama at your wedding, you may never have expected a full-on brawl. If this happens, ask someone else to chat with those family members and either ask them to leave the wedding or to separate themselves from the person who they are fighting with.



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