What Wedding Guests Don’t Care About


December 12, 2016

The best trick to wedding planning is keeping you and your fiancé in mind only. Worrying about what your guests are going to love and not love will make you more stressed than it’s worth and keep you feeling on the edge of chaos before making any and all decisions. So if you’re wondering what types of things to splurge on and what you can skip all together, take note of what wedding guests don’t care about.

  1. The Centerpieces

You may be tempted to shell out a ton of cash on towering centerpieces filled with fresh flowers and glowing candles. The truth is, you can keep those pretty simple since most of your guests will be looking down at their plates most of the time or away from the table all together.

  1. Your Seating Chart

Even if you work hard to plan out a detailed seating chart of what tables you’d like your guests to sit at and even what exact seat you’d like them in, if they don’t like where they are siting, they may just pull up a chair at a different table or avoid sitting at their table all together. Skip the stress about who is sitting next to who and consider just letting your guests pick a seat wherever they want to sit for the night.

  1. Party Favors

Though you want to send your guests home with something memorable from your big celebration, chances are when they are making their way to the exit, they will forget to pick up the party favor. By the end of the night, your guests will be too tired, too full with food and drinks, or too hyped up on the great time they had, that they won’t even notice there’s a table of something for them to pick something off of and take home.

  1. The Designer of Your Wedding Dress

Only your most stylish friends may ask you what kind of wedding dress you’re wearing, but most people attending your wedding will have no idea if you spent $5,000 or $15,000 on your beautiful wedding dress.


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