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Are you getting ready to ask the big question? Or maybe you know someone who is? Whether you’re the person popping the question or someone supporting your best friend’s big moment, it’s important to consider where you should get down on one knee. While purchasing the ring is one of the most important parts of your love story, so is where the proposal happened! With so many different places to consider for the big question, it can be tricky to decide which is the best spot for you, ProFlowers has broken down the cost of proposing at 19 popular locations, so you and your sweetheart can start planning accordingly. For romantics, there are locations like the London Eye, which costs about $500, or a helicopter ride over maui, which costs $700. Or, for Disney fans, you can have a glass slipper proposal dinner for $600. There are so many different options for different ways to get down on the knee!   Cost-of-proposing-proflowers-sports Cost-of-proposing-proflowers-disney Romantics Please include attribution to with this graphic. Cost-of-proposing-proflowers-romantics Graphic:

One of the best parts about starting Bridesmaid for Hire, over three years ago, has been working with other people. On the wedding side, getting to work with brides all around the country has been an incredible way to meet people I’d never get the chance to meet, and to build lasting relationships with them. But another perk has been working with people who I’ve asked to join the Bridesmaid for Hire team to work weddings with me – or on my behalf. Since starting the business in 2014, I’ve had close to 20,000 people apply to work for me. That’s a number that makes me feel both proud of the company that I’ve built and quite overwhelmed. I wish I could give all of them a job. Since I don’t have the capacity to hire all of those people (just yet) I have a training program that teaches them exactly how to start their own business (whether a business just like Bridesmaid for Hire or any other business they have in mind) in 30 days or less. I’ve been able to have five incredible people join the team in the past five years and today I’m super excited to introduce you to the newest professional bridesmaid working for us – Sydney! Since May, she’s worked weddings for us in Kansas and New York City. She’s fearless when it comes to meeting and helping strangers, thinks outside the box in chaotic situations, and is a close competitor when it comes to who has more bridesmaid dresses in their closet. Get to know her below!
Jen: Why did you want to join the Bridesmaid for Hire team? Sydney: I decided to join this crazy adventure because there are very few people that have the patience to do what Jen does and I didn’t want her to be the only one. Every bridesmaid should have the tenacity, the spunk, the selflessness that Jen does. If I could give half of what she does to a bride than that would mean I’m making a difference. 
Jen: You’ve been a professional bridesmaid for a few months now! What’s been your favorite moment so far?
Sydney: There are so many memorable moments, it’s weddings we are talking about here! But, the one that sticks out the most was one where the bride sang a song at the reception and her husband just couldn’t take his eyes off of her. It was like the way I look at sushi — lost in another universe! You could tell how in love and enamored he was, it was a beautiful moment. I hope one day I find someone that looks like me that way!
Jen: Weddings also have a lot of chaos involved in them. What’s one moment when you helped calm the chaos?
Sydney: One bride had a small breakdown within 3 minutes of me showing up, introducing myself, and saying “hi, I’m Sydney and I’m here to make sure your perfect day stays perfect.” She had her mini “bridezilla” moment and I let her shut the door and hash it out with one of her real bridesmaids. After two minutes of allowing her to have her moment, I grabbed a water bottle, some tissues and walked right in and said “this is what i’m here for. You still only know my name, but we’re gonna get through this and you know what? at the end of the day no matter how many tears you shed right now you’re gonna get married.” She said “you’re right!” and after that she never had a moment again!
Jen: You’ve kicked butt as a professional bridesmaid! Tell us about a moment you saved the day?
Sydney: Ahhhh I feel like as a bridesmaid you’re always saving the day, but one in particular, the rings were left in the hotel and it was only noticed 5 minutes before arriving to the ceremony. I jumped out of the car I was in with other members of the bridal party in the middle of the road, hopped in an uber, ran back and got them. To this day I don’t think the bride knows that the rings didn’t make it until right before the time they were going on her finger. 
Jen: What’s your favorite thing about weddings?
Sydney: My favorite thing about weddings is that after the stress of getting ready and the ceremony is over, no one ever remembers that anything went wrong, that someone tripped or that the rings weren’t on time — all people do is DANCE and PARTY! After the ceremony is where love, happiness, and excitement takes place!
Jen: Okay, most important question. What’s your favorite wedding dessert?
Sydney: I just went to a wedding a few weeks ago that had different Popsicle flavors. It was such a good idea because when you’re sweaty from breaking down on the dance floor it hits the spot!< ONE MORE THING – CHECK THIS OUT:

 Planning an easy bachelorette party can be anything but easy. With multiple days to organize and people to make sure are on board, it can be difficult, confusing, and stressful to plan a weekend that pleases everyone. If you are eager to blow the bride away with a bachelorette party that runs smoothly and pushes forward without drama, here are three tips to help you out.
1. Collect Money Beforehand 
Since there will be a lot of meals spent together and activities going on, collecting money to pay for these things beforehand will save the awkward moment of having to split the bill or wait for the restaurant to process 13 people’s credit cards. Have people contribute an equal amount to a “slush fund” that can be used to activities, meals and transportation for the group over the weekend. Whatever cash is left over, can be split equally and sent back to the group.
2. Schedule In Free Time 
Bachelorette parties that are scheduled down to the minute can get stale. People like their free time and don’t want to feel over scheduled. Leave gaps throughout each day for people to rest, explore on their own, or to improvise with what to do – since you may stumble upon cool things in the city you’re in and lack the time to see them.
3.Theme the Days 
To make it easier for people to know what to pack, theme the days. It will give everyone the thrill of dressing up. Perhaps one day can be 80’s themed, another a throwback theme to something fun in the bride’s past (like her teenage style), and another themed after her favorite musician or movie.