How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech

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August 7, 2023

how to write a maid of honor speech

Being chosen to be someone’s maid of honor is a really big deal. It truly means that they consider you to be one of the most important people in their lives. While there’s a lot of fun things that come with the role of being a maid of honor, one of the most stressful parts comes when you put pen to paper and write the maid of honor speech.

A maid of honor speech is the best gift you’ll give the person getting married. The words, details, and stories you include inside of your speech will live on forever. The audience and the couple getting married won’t ever forget what you said inside of your maid of honor toast.

But sitting down to write your maid of honor speech can free stressful and overwhelming. How are you supposed to summarize years of memories, adventures, and details about a person you adore? You might start and stop a handful of times before tossing your paper in the air and putting off the tasks for months.

As a best selling author and professional bridesmaid, I’ve written more than 200 speeches for maids-of-honor all over the world. I’ve found that there are a few key secrets that make or break a maid of honor speech. So before you start writing or brainstorming, check out the five most important things you need to know about writing a memorable and funny maid of honor speech.

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  • A good maid of honor speech has tons of details 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when writing a maid of honor speech is making it generic. For a maid of honor speech to capture the audience’s attention, it needs to have real details. If the maid of honor speech is cliche, people’s ears will sting. So how do you think of the stories to include and details to share? You want to brainstorm. Look at old photos, ask friends or family, go through old social media posts, read through text message conversations, even ask the friend to recall some of their favorite moments. Use all of that information to help you make the speech personalized and perfect.

  • To make your maid of honor speech funny it needs personality 

Everyone wants to write a funny maid of honor speech but the problem is that the speech is ultimately going to sound like your writing style. If you’re not naturally a humorous writer, your maid of honor speech might not come off as funny. You might want to grab some joke-writing help, take a quick comedy class, or even stick to your personality and not try to sound a certain way. Oftentimes humor comes through in the speech delivery and that’s something you can practice and work on.

  • Know that you’re writing the maid of honor speech for the audience 

While you’re giving the maid of honor speech to the couple getting married, there’s a room of people listening. You are writing the maid of honor speech for both the couples getting married and the audience. Make sure you leave out inside jokes or elaborate/complicated stories that everyone in the room won’t understand or wrap their mind around in a short time.

  • Keep your maid of honor speech short but memorable

When you give your maid of honor speech, people are sometimes eating, waiting for a drink, or eager to get back on the dance floor. Try to keep your speech under 5-minutes long. If you have a lot that you want to say, include it in a longer maid of honor speech that you gift the person getting married to read on their own.

  • Take out any cliches or general statements from your maid of honor speech

You don’t want your maid of honor speech to sound like something people have heard before. Instead of making it generic or cliche, make it personal. Take out quotes or advice you copy-pasted. Keep what you include from the heart.

The best thing you can do is start writing your maid of honor speech as early as possible. That way, you won’t feel rushed and you can take the time to practice before the wedding happens. If you’ve been procrastinating starting your maid of honor speech, I have a solution for you.

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Whether you know exactly what you want to say but you need some fine tuning or you have no idea where to start, this interactive tool chats with you to help you think of the best stories, details, and memories to include inside of your maid of honor speech.

Check it out today.

All my love,

Jen Glantz

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