Write Your Maid of Honor Speech With AI & Author Help

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August 7, 2023

Write your maid of honor speech with help from AI

One of the toughest parts of being a maid of honor is having to write a maid of honor toast. You might be an all-star best friend or family member but now you’re expected to write a maid of honor speech like you’re a bestselling author.

After spending weeks procrastinating and months pushing off the task of writing your speech, when you finally sit dow and prepare to start, it can feel overwhelming and super stressful. That’s because a maid of honor speech is expected to be memorable, emotional, funny, and anything but boring.

We’ve all wasted a few precious minutes at a wedding listening to maid of honor speeches there were boring or generic. No maid of honor wants their speech to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

But if you’re not a professional writer and you don’t have a bestselling author on speed dial, you might find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out what to do.

One route you can take is finding a professional maid of honor speechwriter and paying them to write your speech from scratch. This can cost close to a thousand dollars and take a month or two for that person to nail your speech and make sure that it’s not only perfect but also sounds like you wrote it.

Or you can write your maid of honor speech using AI-technology. AI seems to be taking over every conversation lately. But one of the biggest benefits of using AI is that you’re able to combine your own words, stories, and memories with AI-technology that can organize it all, give it a structure, and pull from other maid of honor speeches out there to make yours appropriate and extraordinary.

If you’ve never used a maid of honor AI speechwriting tool before, let me share more about how it all works.

Here’s how using an AI speechwriting tool for your maid of honor speech works:

Select what type of speech you want 

Start off by selecting what type of speech you want. You can first select the length and then the tone. If after the speech is written you want a longer speech or a different tone, you can ask the tool and it will instantly rewrite the speech from you.

Share details, memories, and stories

Details, memories, and stories are what make a maid of honor speech memorable and fun. Our tool is interactive and it feels like you’re chatting with your best friend as they ask you questions about the people getting married. If you’re not sure what to say, the tool asks you specific and targeted questions to help you think of the best things to say. You can always go back and add or change details and stories after the speech is written.

Let the AI tool do it’s thing 

After you share some information with the interactive tool, it writes the speech for you in seconds. Yes, seconds. Each speech is truly personalized and customized. No two speeches will be a like. Most AI maid of honor speechwriting tools are generic and use one template. Our tool is trained with 200+ maids-of-honor speeches written by Jen Glantz for strangers over the years. It has a more personal tone to it and won’t sound like a robot wrote it.

Give the speech feedback or ask for suggestions

Once you eyeball the speech, you can give the tool feedback. “Make the ending funny.” “Add in a story about how the bride and I went skydiving in Thailand.” “Take out the nice compliments about the groom because I don’t like him. Keep it neutral.”

Download the finished speech and take it with you to the wedding 

You can make unlimited changes and come back to the tool as much as you want before the wedding. Once you have a speech you’re happy with, press the download button and enjoy!

If you want to give an AI speechwriting tool for maid of honor speeches a try, here’s where you can test it out. If you’re not happy with the finished speech, we’ll give you a full refund. So far, thousands of people have used this tool and we’ve received testimonials like this:

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