5 Alternatives to Wedding Bands for the Groom

It’s traditional for the wedding officiant to have the couple exchange wedding bands during the ceremony after the couple has mouthed off their I Do’s. But some guys aren’t about wearing a ring on their finger and some couples are looking to do away with that traditional together and opt-in for something more personal and unique.   So if you’re looking for something to replace the standard wedding band for your groom-to-be, here are five alternatives that you may want to go with for your wedding day.  

  1. Get a Finger Tattoo
Sounds painful? But it’s a way to promise each other eternal love for forever, or at least that’s what some couples are into doing these days. You can get matching tattoos on your ring ringer or each of you can get the other person’s initials tattooed on their finger.  
  1. An Engraved Necklace
If your guy is more of a chain necklace wearing kind of person, go with their fashion taste and get them a special engraved necklace. This route is more personal and complimentary to their every day style, since this is something you want them to wear on a daily basis.  
  1. Just Going Bare
Skip out on doing anything at all and go bare. Don’t exchange rings and instead, use that cash for something else. Whether it’s a honeymoon, house improvements, or even invest in a new hobby that the two of you can learn and do together.
  1. Personalized Cuff Links
This is something your hubby can wear on the wedding day and also on any other special occasion you two go together to in the future. It’s something subtle but also can be meaningful to both of you.  
  1. An Anklet
Ankle bracelets are something that can be worn daily, and not get in the way of any hands on work that your groom may be involved with doing. While this option may seem like it doesn’t fit all guys, it’s worth bringing up and considering as a plan B to the traditional wedding band.