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5 Ideas for Unique Bridesmaid Gifts


May 31, 2016

5 Ideas for Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid before will nod their head in agreement that it’s a role that includes moments of stress, funds from your savings account, and countless hours being there for the bride-to-be.


So when the tables turn and your turn to transition from bridesmaid to bride, you’ll want to find ways throughout the wedding adventure to thank your trusty gal pals for always having your back and standing by your side at all hours of the night.


Since no bridesmaid really needs another candle or picture frame in their life, go the creative route with these 6 ideas for unique bridesmaid gifts.


  1. A Subscription Service

Whether it’s one for food or one for jewelry, getting them a gift that continues on a monthly basis is something that will excite them for the year to come. Essentially, you’re giving them one gift that keeps on giving for 12-months.


  1. A Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Because chances are you’ve been a bridesmaid before and you know what every single bridesmaid needs to get through the wedding or the bachelorette party without too many battle scars.


  1. Concert Tickets

As a way to say thank you to your girls, plan a night out where as a group you take them to see a popular singer or band play. It’ll be a good way to get the bridal party back together post-wedding.


  1. A Gift Card to a Workout Class

It’ll help them toss away any post-wedding stress. So get them a gift card or buy them a series of workout classes at their favorite gym or even spin studio.


  1. A Personalized Necklace

Give each bridesmaid a different style statement necklace that they can wear with their dress. You can pick out these necklaces based on each of the girl’s style and personality so that it’s something that truly makes them stand out.


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