Plan An Easy Bachelorette Party


June 14, 2017

Bachelorette 1010
 Planning an easy bachelorette party can be anything but easy. With multiple days to organize and people to make sure are on board, it can be difficult, confusing, and stressful to plan a weekend that pleases everyone. If you are eager to blow the bride away with a bachelorette party that runs smoothly and pushes forward without drama, here are three tips to help you out.
1. Collect Money Beforehand 
Since there will be a lot of meals spent together and activities going on, collecting money to pay for these things beforehand will save the awkward moment of having to split the bill or wait for the restaurant to process 13 people’s credit cards. Have people contribute an equal amount to a “slush fund” that can be used to activities, meals and transportation for the group over the weekend. Whatever cash is left over, can be split equally and sent back to the group.
2. Schedule In Free Time 
Bachelorette parties that are scheduled down to the minute can get stale. People like their free time and don’t want to feel over scheduled. Leave gaps throughout each day for people to rest, explore on their own, or to improvise with what to do – since you may stumble upon cool things in the city you’re in and lack the time to see them.
3.Theme the Days 
To make it easier for people to know what to pack, theme the days. It will give everyone the thrill of dressing up. Perhaps one day can be 80’s themed, another a throwback theme to something fun in the bride’s past (like her teenage style), and another themed after her favorite musician or movie.

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