How to Deal With an Unruly Wedding Party

Bridesmaids has to take on a wide range of issues when then accept their role alongside the bride. They need to take care of everything that the bride tells them too, which can range from fixing her make up after she cries during the ceremony to caring for and then releasing the dozen white doves she had ordered for the moment after they day I do. Yes, there are a lot of bridezillas out there, and it is the bridesmaids’ jobs to keep those emotions in check and make sure that everyone else only sees a beautiful, blushing bride. However, some bridesmaids have notices that the bride is the least of their worries. Sometimes, the rest of the wedding party can be even more difficult to deal with than ten brides put together. As a bridesmaid, you have a duty to the bride to make sure that all of her wishes are carried out. If the rest of the wedding party is getting in the way of making those wishes a reality, you, unfortunately, need to find a way to fix the issue. This sounds like a difficult problem to tackle, especially if you don’t know the rest of the wedding party very well, but there are some compromises that can be reached. Here is some advice for bridesmaids working with an unruly wedding party. Be the bride’s advocate Again, the bridesmaids’ first and foremost job is to make the bride happy, so everything that you do from the moment you are given the job of bridesmaid to the day the couple leaves for their honeymoon needs to reflect the brides interests. A common issue that comes up before the wedding is the wedding party does not like certain aspects of the wedding, most commonly what they will be wearing, and they begin to complain. If you see this happening, you need to remind everyone of what the couple wants for their wedding day. After all, it is the couple’s wedding day, so they need to be the only ones who like every aspect of the wedding in the end. Understand everyone’s intentions before the wedding day Every person attending a wedding has an ulterior motive. As the perfect bridesmaid you you’re your motive is only to ensure that the bride has a perfect day, but other people in the wedding party might be having different ideas. Try to find out what the wedding parties intentions are before the wedding day so that you can prepare for it. If some of the wedding party only wants to drink as much as they possibly can before the ceremony, you might be able to suggest mimosas instead of shots of hard liquor. It might also be a good idea to help the couple choose wedding party gifts if they want your assistance. You can make sure that appropriate groomsmen gift ideas and bridesmaid gift ideas are presented to avoid any rehearsal dinner issues. Keep everyone together Especially if the couple has chosen a big wedding party, it can be very difficult to keep track of everyone. The last thing that a couple wants on their wedding day is to have to wait for the last bridesmaid to arrive before they start the ceremony. You can help keep track of everyone by arranging transportation and activities in between the planned wedding events. Have transportation to all of the wedding events and plan for the little down times that sometimes happen throughout the day, maybe with a special surprise for the couple or a fun wedding drinking game before the reception. Stop an issue before it gets to the bride As a bridesmaid, you can be the eyes and ears of the wedding for the bride. If you see any wedding party personal getting out of hand or catch an issue arising between guests, you can intervene and stop it before the bride even notices. The bride will have a lot of people to talk to the day of her wedding, so the last thing you want to see is her worrying about a small issue that could have been easily fixed. But most of all, just enjoy yourself and everyone else will relax along with you.                                                                                                                                                  Author Bio: Tina Hamilton Headshot Tina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. Look for her on Twitter.