January Update: Hi Mom! Bridesmaid for Hire is Back on the News


January 16, 2015

The past couple of days, I’ve had a lot of fun speaking about Bridesmaid for Hire on different news stations.

When I started this business last June, my main goal was to reach out to strangers all around the world and help them have a more fun and relaxed wedding experience. More than anything, I wanted to be able to give brides a gigantic confidence boost before they strutted their stuff down the aisle and married the man of their dreams.

Getting your story on the news is a bit of a headache. Very rarely do stations knock on your inbox and say, “We’d like to come to your apartment and spend some time with you so we can film a segment.”

Most of the time, you have to send a series of emails and pick up the phone and call a handful of reporters and wait while pellets of stress sweet drip down from your armpits and get comfy hearing a lot of silence from them. You have to then email them again and again and again until it’s the 15th time that week and finally they agree to give you two minutes on the phone and then in that two minutes, you need to prove that your story is worthy of 1:30 of their airtime that day.

It’s exhausting. It’s probably going to be the cause of lots of premature gray hairs on my head.

So this morning, I’m proud that Bridesmaid for Hire was able to cut off a chunk of airtime on the stations below! But stay tuned – we’ll on Hallmark’s Home and Family Show tomorrow morning!

ABC Nightline



The Jewish Daily Forward

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