5 Things all Bridesmaids Should Tell Their “Plus One” Dates


January 14, 2015

So the wedding invitation says you get to bring a plus one! Which means you won’t have to be stuck dancing with someone’s 80-year-old great uncle or find yourself at the singles table, smooching the glassware of your loyal cocktail. Whether the date you’re taking to your friend’s wedding is your longtime boyfriend or just a friend you know you’ll have a fun time with, there’s a few important things they should remember when they arrive as your arm candy on the day of the wedding.

1. Keep it to a two drink max
Sure you’re bringing your plus one to a party – in the bride’s eyes, the party of the year – so make sure that they control themselves with the open bar and don’t overdo it with the tequila shots or find themselves double fisting cup after cup of whiskey.

2. They shouldn’t come empty handed
Even though they’re coming as your plus one, they are still a guest and the bride and the groom are paying quite a hefty price for them to be there. Ask your plus one to bring them a gift – as a token of their thanks and also to congratulate them.

3. Remember basic cell phone etiquette
Turn that phone on silent and keep it in your pocket during the ceremony. You don’t want your date to be the one who is texting or checking their Fantasy Football standings while the bride and groom are saying their vows.

4. You’re a guest of a guest
So make sure your date brings life to the party but doesn’t find themselves as the ultimate, wild, out of control life of the party.

5. Congratulate the bride and the groom
Even if your guest has never met the bride or the groom before, make sure you have them make it a point to go up to them and introduce themselves or say congratulations. Also, introduce your date to them so that they know that person is with you and not a wedding crasher!

Welcome, friend!

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