7 Ways to Save $300 as a Bridesmaid

One of the biggest annoyances of being a bridesmaid comes down to one thing and usually one thing only – how much it costs. As a bridesmaid, you may be asked to pick up the bill for your dress, pre-wedding party decorations, and even little items here and there that will certainly add up to be more than you ever wanted to spend. If you’re looking for ways to be frugal with your money when you say yes to your next bridesmaid role, check out these 7 ways you can save more than $300 as a bridesmaid. 1. Book Travel ASAP When you find out the date of the wedding, start looking into travel deals or set alerts. The quicker you look into travel the more you’ll be able to avoid last minute booking fees or hiked up fares. 2. Share a Room To save a hundred bucks, ask if you can share a hotel room for the wedding with another bridesmaid or friend of yours that’s heading to the wedding. The more people you can share a room with for the night, the less money you’ll end up paying. 3. Skip Dress Alterations Remember, you are only going to be wearing your bridesmaid dress for a total of 8-hours and then you may never step foot in it again. If you can avoid doing alterations, you’ll also avoid handing over potentially a hundred dollars. 4. Borrow a Pair of Shoes If the bride has specific shoe requirements and you don’t have any shoes that match what she’d like, see if you can borrow a pair friend. You will only have to wear those shoes for the ceremony and photos. Then, you can change into something you can walk and dance in. 5. Do Your Own Hair & Make-Up Even if you’re not the best beauty stylist, turn to YouTube or spend a few days practicing how to give yourself the perfect wedding updo and glam make-up. If the bride is ok with you doing both yourself, you’ll save quite a bit of cash. 6. DIY the Bachelorette Party Decorations When you’re looking into what you should decorate the hotel room or restaurant with for the bride’s bachelorette party, look into some easy DIY craft decorations you and the other bridesmaids can put together yourselves. 7. Look at The Registry Right Now The longer you wait to check out the couple’s wedding registry, the fewer gift options you’ll be left with. As soon as the couple puts up their registry, start browsing and purchasing items that are in your gift giving price range.

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