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If you’ve been tapped with the task of giving a toast at an upcoming wedding, you may find yourself with a sudden case of writer’s block, unsure of where to start and what to include in your speech. In order to give a memorable and laugh out loud worthy toast, it’s best to remember to keep it short and simple and to try and avoid these 7 common wedding toast mistakes.  
  1. Making it Multiple Pages Long
Keep your toast short and sweet. If you see that your speech is more than one page, shave off as much as you can to get rid of those additional pages. The shorter you make it, the more engaging it will be.  
  1. Doing it Improv
You might have the idea to just wing your speech and speak from the heart, but the problem with this route is that when nerves, and a few glass of champagnes come into play, you may forget what you want to say and end up in front of a room filled with people and have nothing to say. Instead of doing improve, write down bullet points that you can speak off of if you forget what you want to say.  
  1. Not Making Eye Contact
It’s OK if you don’t memorize your speech, but if you’re reading off the paper be sure to take breaks to make eye contact with the bride and groom.  
  1. Going With a Blast from the Past
Dig deep to find funny stories to color your toast with, but don’t fill your speech with a handful of inside jokes that only you and the bride will find funny.  
  1. Making the Bride Flush Red
When you’re choosing the best blast from the past memories to add to the toast, leave off any that may make the bride feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.  
  1. Forgetting Your Audience
Remember that you’re not giving this toast to the bride and the bride only, you have a room filled with guests to entertain as well. So keep them hooked with anecdotes, open body language, and laugh lines that they can appreciate.
  1. Talking too Fast
The key to giving a memorable speech is giving one that people can understand. So remember to speak slowly and practice your tone and pace before the wedding day.  

At some point in all of our lives, our inboxes and our mailboxes start to fill up with more wedding save the dates and invitations than our social calendars can properly digest. We’ll start making off dates on our calendar and before we know it, we’ll realize that we’re going to more weddings in a year than we can count on one hand, and even actually afford to go to.   But what happens when you have two friends getting married on the exact same day, at the exact same time? Do you have to choose one wedding over another, and if so, how do you pick? Or, can you just find a way to go to both?   The first thing you should consider is location. If they are both in the same city, you can make a case as to why and how you’ll find a way to go to both. If they are a half hour or more apart, it’ll be quite hard and stressful to make it to both.   You can always say I do to going to one person’s ceremony and the reception of the other person. If you chose to do this route, let the couple whose ceremony you’re going to know that you won’t be staying for the reception. That way, they don’t pay the bill for you to be included in their catering headcount.   If you decide to try to split your time at both parties, remember that with traffic and other unavoidable challenges along the way, you may end up showing up to wedding number two when guests are starting to leave.   So only say yes to two weddings if you can get travel to both easily and fast. If not, go to the wedding of the person who has been in your life longer. It’s the best way to pick between weddings and the only way you won’t hurt the feelings of the couple you have to RSVP no to.      

It’s traditional for the wedding officiant to have the couple exchange wedding bands during the ceremony after the couple has mouthed off their I Do’s. But some guys aren’t about wearing a ring on their finger and some couples are looking to do away with that traditional together and opt-in for something more personal and unique.   So if you’re looking for something to replace the standard wedding band for your groom-to-be, here are five alternatives that you may want to go with for your wedding day.  
  1. Get a Finger Tattoo
Sounds painful? But it’s a way to promise each other eternal love for forever, or at least that’s what some couples are into doing these days. You can get matching tattoos on your ring ringer or each of you can get the other person’s initials tattooed on their finger.  
  1. An Engraved Necklace
If your guy is more of a chain necklace wearing kind of person, go with their fashion taste and get them a special engraved necklace. This route is more personal and complimentary to their every day style, since this is something you want them to wear on a daily basis.  
  1. Just Going Bare
Skip out on doing anything at all and go bare. Don’t exchange rings and instead, use that cash for something else. Whether it’s a honeymoon, house improvements, or even invest in a new hobby that the two of you can learn and do together.
  1. Personalized Cuff Links
This is something your hubby can wear on the wedding day and also on any other special occasion you two go together to in the future. It’s something subtle but also can be meaningful to both of you.  
  1. An Anklet
Ankle bracelets are something that can be worn daily, and not get in the way of any hands on work that your groom may be involved with doing. While this option may seem like it doesn’t fit all guys, it’s worth bringing up and considering as a plan B to the traditional wedding band.  

Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid before will nod their head in agreement that it’s a role that includes moments of stress, funds from your savings account, and countless hours being there for the bride-to-be.   So when the tables turn and your turn to transition from bridesmaid to bride, you’ll want to find ways throughout the wedding adventure to thank your trusty gal pals for always having your back and standing by your side at all hours of the night.   Since no bridesmaid really needs another candle or picture frame in their life, go the creative route with these 6 ideas for unique bridesmaid gifts.  
  1. A Subscription Service
Whether it’s one for food or one for jewelry, getting them a gift that continues on a monthly basis is something that will excite them for the year to come. Essentially, you’re giving them one gift that keeps on giving for 12-months.  
  1. A Bridesmaid Survival Kit
Because chances are you’ve been a bridesmaid before and you know what every single bridesmaid needs to get through the wedding or the bachelorette party without too many battle scars.  
  1. Concert Tickets
As a way to say thank you to your girls, plan a night out where as a group you take them to see a popular singer or band play. It’ll be a good way to get the bridal party back together post-wedding.  
  1. A Gift Card to a Workout Class
It’ll help them toss away any post-wedding stress. So get them a gift card or buy them a series of workout classes at their favorite gym or even spin studio.  
  1. A Personalized Necklace
Give each bridesmaid a different style statement necklace that they can wear with their dress. You can pick out these necklaces based on each of the girl’s style and personality so that it’s something that truly makes them stand out.