The 5 Kinds of People You Should Leave Off Your Wedding Guest List

When you’re starting to jot down the names of people you want to be part of your wedding day, you may have a whole category of people you’re scratching your head over, wondering if you should extend them an invite. Whether it’s a person you haven’t spoken to in more years than you can remember or a person that has a bad reputation for making a party all about them, for the very wrong reasons, it’s important to pick and choose the people you surround yourself with on your big day very, very carefully. For starters, here are the 5 kinds of people it’s more than OK to leave off your wedding guest list. 1. The Person Who Invited You to Their Wedding But You Don’t Know Why You may have been invited to their wedding last year or a few years back but it doesn’t mean they earn an automatic invitation to your wedding. Don’t feel bad if you don’t return the favor and extend them an invite, especially if you haven’t spoken to them since their wedding. 2. The MIA Person You Can’t Get to Call You Back Even if you were once good friends and they were a big part of your life, if you haven’t kept in touch with them, you don’t have to invite them. Weddings are a time of celebration, but they aren’t a time to refuel long lost friendships. 3. The Negative Nancy Who Brings the Party Down If there’s someone in your life who shows up to every party with a frown on their face and makes it a point to call out the negatives and highlight what’s going wrong to everyone else, you might want to cut them from your list. Your wedding is too expensive of an event for someone to come and nit pick all of the imperfections or things they would have done differently. 4. The Distant Relative You Haven’t Heard From Weddings are, in a sense, giant family reunions, as it’s a time when family from all over come together for a weekend. But, weddings are not a time to locate family you haven’t seen, spoken to, or ever had a relationship with an invite them to your wedding. 5. The One Who Always Ruins the Party You know that person. The one who has five shots too many. The one who needs to be carried out of the venue at the end of the night. The one who will talk loudly during the toasts and dance wildly on the dance floor.

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