4 Ways to Manage Your Wedding planning Meltdowns

Whether you call it a wedding hot flash or a middle of the night bridal nightmare, as a bride, no matter how hard you try to keep it together during your wedding adventure, you’ll find yourself, every once and a while, front and center of a serious wedding planning meltdown. But do not worry, next time you feel the anxious jitters start to pulse throughout your body, just remember these four tips. 1. Pick the Right Time It’s best to choose one day a week, like a Sunday, or even a couple of hours on a Tuesday and Thursday to focus on wedding planning and knocking items off your bride to-do list. That way, you don’t have to devote every ounce of your free time to Pinterest or negotiating with vendors. 2. Ask for help When you feel like you’re juggling too many wedding decisions and tasks at once, ask for help. Whether that help is from your fiancé, a family member, a friend, or even a hired professional, you’ll feel less stressed knowing you have a team behind you. 3. Phone a friend Talk out what wedding items are creeping up on your nerves with a friend. Or, put the wedding chatting aside and ask them to spend an afternoon of rest and relaxation (I’m thinking manicures and brunch) with you instead. 4. Write It Down If you’re finding yourself swarmed with too much to do and too little time, write out all of your wedding tasks on a giant to-do list and assign a deadline to each. Prioritizing your tasks will make you see that you have the time, energy, and fierceness to get it all done.