DIY Wedding Party Favors

When you find yourself strapped with a tight wedding budget, it’s also helpful to cut some of the last-minute costs along the way. One of those costs, which can grow quite large, is the amount you spend on wedding party favors. Most of your guests will be too tired, too drunk, or even too forgetful to remember to pick up the party favor on the way out. That’s why you should consider a more inexpensive route: DIY wedding party favors. Here are five ideas to get you started.  

  1. Something From Your Kitchen
Whether you love making homemade granola, cookies, or even a nut-based trail mix, you can make a homemade late night snack for your guests to take home with them. But them in labeled bags, tiny mason jars, or even pouches to save some money.  
  1. Something From Around Town
If a lot of your guests are coming in from out of town or there’s something specific that the town you’re getting married in is known for, consider using that item as your party favor. You can grab candy from the local candy shop, tiny bottles of maple syrup and print labels on them with your name.  
  1. Something That’s Worth a Thousand Words
Prop up a homemade selfie booth at the exit of your wedding and have guests snap their photo on the way out as a keepsake gift from your wedding.  
  1. Something of Good Fortune
You can order fortune cookies online in bulk and then type up different messages to stick inside.  
  1. Something With a Good Taste
Everyone loves a late night mint. Buy a tin of mints in bulk and print your own labels, with a fun message, and hand them out at the end of the wedding night.