Cute Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be Your Bridesmaid on Valentine’s Day


February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day is known to be a time when we celebrate the love we have in our lives, sometimes that love is romantic and sometimes that love is for the people who keep us strong, level-headed, and laughing through life – our dear friends, and potentially the people we want to be our bridesmaids.


If you’re freshly engaged and looking forward to using the Valentine’s Day holiday as a time when you ask your closest gal pals to be members of your wedding squad, AKA bridal party, here are four cute ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids on V-Day.


  1. Send Them a Singing Telegram

Hire a singing telegram, whether it’s a local Acapela group or a person who specializes in telegrams, to deliver the message to your bridesmaid. Pick their favorite song and customize the words so that every single bridesmaid gets asked in a different and very fun way.


  1. Say it With Candy

Since candy is the key to a lot of people’s hearts on Valentine’s day, spell out “will you be my bridesmaid” with candy hearts in their apartment or buy a bucket of their favorite candy and put a note at the very bottom of it, so they can find it as they are giving in to their sweet tooth.


  1. Throw a Valentine’s Day Party

Even though you have your fiancé to spend Valentine’s Day with, one of the things you can do is throw a friend party where you bring all your bridesmaids together and ask them all together at this party.


  1. Use Cupid as Your Delivery Man

Ask one of your guy friends to dress up like cupid and have them go over to each bridesmaid and give them the message in that fun cute way. If your bridesmaids live far away, one thing you can do to make them feel special and included is send them a video where you have cupid asking them the question and then you pop up in the video and ask them yourself with a personal message.

Welcome, friend!

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