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6 Ways to Plan a “Bachelor”-Style Proposal


September 1, 2016

The greatest and most heart wrenching moment of watching a season of The Bachelor is without a doubt the moment when it’s proposal time. There’s something so exotic and dreamy about the whole set up of the proposal. It’s usually somewhere exotic, where waves are crashing in the background, and the suspense of the whole thing is enough to make someone’s heart race for a good thirty minutes. So if you’re about to propose to a Bachelor obsessed person, here are 6 ways you too can plan a Bachelor-style proposal.

1. Do it Somewhere Exotic

When you’re brainstorming spots to do the proposal, think big and think outside of the box. Your Local Park or beach won’t do the trick. Instead, find someplace desolate and exotic where no other people can be seen for miles. Make sure there’s a lot of greenery behind you and that fresh bouquet of flowers are perfectly placed around the spot that you pick.

2. Make it Suspenseful

A true Bachelor-style proposal isn’t one that happens quickly or is to the point. Instead, there’s a lot of suspense built up. Arrive at the location an hour before to build up your nerves and emotion. Give the person you are proposing to instructions with a time and a place to meet you and have them arrange their own transportation. Instead of guiding them there blindfolded, wait at the location blindfolded until they come to you.

3. Have Rose Petals…Everywhere

You can’t say proposal romance without red rose pedals all over the place. You may find yourself dropping a hundred bucks on these petals but there’s no better or easier way to set up the atmosphere or the mood of the place than with those little fragile petals.

4. Give a Long Speech Before Getting Down on One Knee

You may have an urge to wait for the person you’re proposing to by getting into the one-knee position. Instead, wait until they arrive and give them a long 3-5 minute speech about how you can’t imagine your life without them. All of this will be the perfect build up to the main event – the proposal itself.

5. Put the Ring in a Box

Take it out of your pocket or an envelope and present it in the box. Pop open the box so you build the suspense up before showing off the ring that you carefully picked out and spent way too much money on.

6. Have a Camera Crew Filming It

If it’s not on film and the whole world can’t watch later than did it really happen? Well, yes, it probably did. But if it isn’t filmed and then edited to include a tear-jerking music score, then it’s certainly no Bachelor-stlye proposal.

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