5 Tips to Make Bridal Makeup Last All Day


April 4, 2016

So you’ve found the perfect man. Congrats! That is the first (most important) step to planning a wedding! As the months go by, you’ll eventually create the guest list, the perfect menu, pick the most delicious wedding cake flavor, a venue in the most ideal location, the church, photographer, and the DRESS! Have we forgot about anything? At this point you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s. Nothing could go wrong on such a perfectly planned day right?!

Well since I am a makeup artist, I better include in my future wedding planning, (smudge-cry-sweat) – proof makeup that day! No one wants raccoon eyes, an oily face, or any other makeup malfunctions on the biggest day of their life, so I am here to help! I have put together 5 tips to make your bridal makeup last all day, as well as a list of products I have experimented with on both myself and my brides. Make sure you test these tips out before your big day too. Everyone has different skin types, and different skin concerns, so this way you will be able to adjust the makeup routine accordingly. It’s always great to see how your makeup will look photographed too with and without a flash. To break it down for ya, here are my 5 tips to keep that makeup lasting from wedding vows, to the cha cha slide!

1. Prep & Prime
Starting off with a fresh, clean face is the first step to a long-lasting look! Think of your face like a canvas – it is not only easier to apply makeup to a fresh canvas, but the makeup will look better, and the product will stick better to the surface. So in order to create this “fresh canvas” you will need to exfoliate, moisturize, and prime your face. Get your skin on a great skincare regimen, and exfoliate a few times a week leading to the big deal. This will slough off those dead skin cells and dry flakes. After cleansing and exfoliating, follow with a moisturizer. Most of the time I recommend a gel moisturizer since it absorbs great into the skin without being too “greasy.” Moisturizing the face is essential since it helps replenish hydration after cleansing and exfoliating. To seal in that moisture, you’ll then prime the skin next. I also prime the eyelids with an eyelid primer to ensure my eyeshadow sticks and doesn’t crease. Primers can be catered to your skin concerns too which is amazing. If you are dry, oily, have large pores, textured skin, discoloration, etc., you will be able to find primers made specifically for these issues! Primer also helps makeup last longer because the product sticks to the primer instead of absorbing or fading into the skin.

2. Long-Wear Products
In order to make this process a whole lot easier, invest in some high-quality and long-lasting products. (I have provided a list below!) When shopping you want products that say “long-wear,” “budge-free,” “waterproof,” etc. When using long lasting products, I feel that you will actually achieve a more natural look since you won’t feel the need to pile on the products or touching up every 5 minutes, hoping it lasts. I mean who really has time for that on their wedding day anyway?!

3. Powder
I’ve found that people either love or hate powder. I have extremely dry skin, so in the past I have strayd away from powders. If you properly moisturize and prime your skin, powder isn’t always a no-no for people with dry skin like me. Laura Mercier translucent powder really helps makeup not only stay put, but keeps concealer from creasing! You know what I am talking about if you have ever seen those famous Instagram/Youtube makeup artists “baking” with powder on specific places of their faces. This is a trend that I have grown to love! It actually works! When buying powder, you want to find one that won’t bounce back light in photos (aka ghost face!) Another great use for this translucent powder is for kiss-proof lipstick: (1) Apply lip liner (2) Apply first coat of lipstick (3) Apply translucent powder very carefully to the top of the lipstick (4) Let sit, brush away excess (5) Apply second coat of lipstick (6) Voilà!

4. Setting Spray
Setting spray is my favorite step to the makeup. I feel like it finishes off the face the way hairspray does to a hairstyle. The mist helps set the makeup, prevents fading, settling into fine lines, cracking, it removes the “powdery” look to the skin, and it also can cater to your skin the way primers do. For example, if you tend to become very oily throughout the day, Urban Decay De-slick spray is wonderful.

5. Blot
I’d say the 2 biggest mistakes people make throughout the course of the day are touching their face and reapplying layers of makeup. Touching can actually remove the makeup, smudge it, and it adds excess oils (not to mention it’s unsanitary). Reapplying makeup will leave you cake-y and your wrinkles more pronounced. So if you find yourself oily or sweaty, try a blotting sheet to remove the excess oil and shine without disturbing the makeup that’s already there.

I hope these tips help you on your big day!


Cassandra Ferguson Picture

You may remember Cassandra from Season 18 of ‘The Bachelor’ and Season 2 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ A single mom from Michigan she spends most of her time with her adorable son Trey but is also an incredible freelance makeup artist. She recently launched an online jewelry boutique called “Cake Face Boutique” and enjoys accessorizing all of her clients! Follow Cassandra on Instagram at @CassandraFergie

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