4 Types of Shoes Every Bridesmaid Should Pack for the Wedding Day

As a bridesmaid, a lot of focus and attention goes into the dress. You try it on, you get it fitted and you find the most perfect, and bride approved accessories for it. But one thing that should earn a little more attention, before the wedding rolls around, is the type of shoes you should pack with you. Of course you’ll need shoes to compliment the dress, but that’s not all! Here are the four types of shoes you should carry with you as you embark on your bridesmaid wedding adventure.  

  1. Flip Flops
Your feet are going to love you forever when you pull out a pair of flip-flops, or flats, after the ceremony. This will improve your dance floor moves and also limit the amount of blisters you leave the wedding with. Pack them in your bridesmaid tote bag or even store them in the bridal suite so they are easily accessible after the bride says “I Do.”  
  1. Wedding Day Heels
Some brides will tell you the exact pair of shoes you’ll need to buy for your dress and some brides will tell you a certain color or style you should pick up. Shop for these shoes early on and spend some quality time with them before the wedding so that your feet can get to know them and any pain points.  
  1. Rehearsal Dinner Shoes
Since the rehearsal dinner is usually more laid back, pack a pair of fun shoes to wear. Ones that compliment your outfit and also don’t damage your feet too much. You have a long day ahead of you the next day!  
  1. Something Casual & Comfy
You’ll want a pair of comfy shoes for the morning of the wedding. You never know when you’ll be running around the hotel or taking a power walk to a CVS to pick up last minute goodies. These shoes will come in handy!