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The Maid of Honor Speech

Goodbye, writer's block! Our maid of honor speech guides teach you how to write a memorable and heartfelt speech from scratch. From templates to examples, quotes to simple ways to add humor, let's help your maid of honor speech shine. 

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Speech Guide

How to Write a Funny Maid of Honor Speech

127 Maid of Honor Speech Examples

100+ Quotes to Use in Your Maid of Honor Speech

Tips on Writing a Maid of Honor Speech for Your Sister

How to Use Our Maid of Honor Speech Generator

As the maid of honor, you might be asked to plan the bachelorette and bridal shower. Wondering where to start? Read on to find maid of honor guides around everything you need to plan the two biggest pre-wedding events for the bride.

How to Be a the Ultimate Maid of Honor in 2024

How to Write a Memorable Maid of Honor Speech

How to Plan a Fun & Unique Bachelorette Party 

How-To Guides

There's a lot that goes into the role of being a maid of honor. These guides will make sure you don't forget to do anything along the way and provide you with endless resources.

Bridal Party Email & Text Scripts to Use

Dresses & Gifts 

50 Maid of Honor Dresses Under $150

Best Wedding Gifts of 2024

A Professional Bridesmaid's Must-Haves

Cross the essentials off your maid of honor to-do list with these dress and gift guides. From items to pack with you on the wedding day to comfy shoes, and everything in-between, we've got you covered.

TLDR Advice

Want quick hits of advice on your maid of honor role? Check out these maid of honor infographics jam-packed with advice that will help you take on the role and write your toast, plus so much more.


The 2024 Must-Haves

From wedding gifts to trendy outfits, check-out our list of wedding must-haves to prepare for for any celebration.


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