Bachelorette 1010

 Planning an easy bachelorette party can be anything but easy. With multiple days to organize and people to make sure are on board, it can be difficult, confusing, and stressful to plan a weekend that pleases everyone. If you are eager to blow the bride away with a bachelorette party that runs smoothly and pushes… Read More

The other day, a friend of mine told me she was heading out to attend a bridal shower as a maid-of-honor. She asked me if she had a stapler – which might seem like an odd question – but if you’ve been to a bridal shower before, you know one of the main traditions is… Read More

The Best Bridal Shower Hac

There are things I love about bridal showers – like the endless mimosas, good food, and party games.  But there are also moments that make me roll my eyes – like when the bride is opening up her gifts and hands over the bows from the presents and a paper plate to the maid-of-honor or… Read More