The Best Bridal Shower Hac

There are things I love about bridal showers – like the endless mimosas, good food, and party games.  But there are also moments that make me roll my eyes – like when the bride is opening up her gifts and hands over the bows from the presents and a paper plate to the maid-of-honor or… Read More

One of the biggest challenges when planning a destination wedding is making sure that your guests feel as though they aren’t spending a ton of money to make it to your special day. A group of people you might be particularly nervous about is your bridal party, since they may already be spending a chunk… Read More

What Not to Do When Your BFF Gets Engaged

There are few phrases more exciting than “OMG, I’m engaged” floating in your eye from your BFF. Whether it’s over FaceTime, in-person, or writing in an all-caps text message, seconds after the question, and hopefully a bottle of champagne, has been popped.   Chances are you’ll feel like you just got engaged too, finding yourself… Read More