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A person who gives you pure honesty, spot-on advice, and the unconditional support that you'd get from a good friend, except we're also wedding gurus, who have seen it all // done it all // and are ready to help you with it all.
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Planning a wedding makes you want to talk about it…a lot. Yet, the people in your life might not know what to say when you ask how to handle dramatic guests, deal with vendors who are ripping you off or tell you what you really need at your wedding. 

We’re here to listen, give 100% authentic advice & help you feel the calming effects you’d feel if you meditated for an hour – without having you sit cross-legged and solo in a dark corner.


Hiring a bridesmaid isn’t for everyone – that’s why I also offer a day-of coordinator package.

It’s less expensive than hiring a wedding planner and more expensive than a bottle of Advil – which you’ll need if you try to do this wedding thing yourself.

We’re there for you before your wedding – to help you plan and put together all the pieces – and on the day-of to make sure everything goes smoothly and you feel like a guest at your wedding.

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Hiring a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you’re just renting a friend for the day. We’ll be there for you throughout your entire pre-wedding adventure, helping you manage the chaos and your to-do list.

We’ll also be there for you on the day of the wedding, walking down the aisle & standing up beside you at the altar as your go-to gal pal & professional bridesmaid.


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Read Jen Glantz's best-selling books about the crazy things we do to find love, what it's like to be the world's first Bridesmaid for Hire, and how to deal with being single when all of your friends are engaged.
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Become a Professional Bridesmaid

Looking to get into the industry or create a wedding side hustle for yourself so you can make extra cash on the side? We have your back! Check out our professional bridesmaid course to learn all of the secrets of our business & how to start your own company in a week – or less.
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