From Behind the Scenes to By Your Side.

Let Jen handle the dirty work so that you can focus on what’s most important – enjoying every second of your wedding adventure.



Virtual_Icon1Wedding Coach

Being a Maid-of-Honor can feel like a full-time gig that comes with a full-time headache. Let me help you plan the bachelorette party & bridal shower + write your wedding toast + and set you up with a month-by-month to do list that’ll make this role feel like a breeze. Don’t want the bride to know you needed help? No problem. It’s our little secret.
Starting at $150

Day-Of Coordination

Hiring a bridesmaid isn’t for everyone – that’s why I also offer a day-of coordinator package. It’s less expensive than hiring a wedding planner and more expensive than a bottle of Advil – which you’ll need if you try to do this wedding thing yourself.
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Bridesmaid for Hire™

Hiring a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you’re renting a friend for the day. I’ll be there for you throughout your entire pre-wedding adventure, helping you manage the chaos and your to-do list. I’ll also be there for you on the day of the wedding, walking down the aisle & standing up beside you at the altar as your go-to gal pal & professional bridesmaid.

How to Be a Bridesmaid Crash Course

Whether you are a bridesmaid for the first or the fifteenth time, figuring out what to do when can become a headache that even extra-strength Advil can’t cure. I’m here to help, so sit back, relax, and wacth a series of bridesmaid tutorial videos that’ll answer all your questions – like how much $$ to spend, how to deal with a bridezilla or MOH-zilla, and more.
Price: $35

Help! I’m a Maid-of-Honor Package

As the bride’s go-to gal pal, your list of questions about what you should do and when you should do it by is probably as long your grocery shopping list.  Set up a phone + Skype + or coffee session with Jen so she can help you create a month-by-month to-do list, research & plan the bridal shower & bachelorette party for you, and give you advice on how to handle a rowdy bridal party or an indecisive bride.
Starting at $150

Help! I’m The Mother of the Bride Package

Wondering what you should be doing to make sure the wedding go on without a hitch but also without making your daughter regret ever deciding to get hitched? Set up a phone call with Jen to chat through any wedding hiccups or get unbiased and honest advice.
Starting at $150

Vows & Maid-of-Honor
Toast Writing Package

Tasked with writing the speech of your lifetime and facing major writer’s block? That’s what I’m here for. I’ve written over 50 maid of honor speeches – making sure each one is infused with the person’s tone of voice, humor and charm. I have 3 different speech writing packages to fit the level of help that you need.
Starting at $175