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The weirdest job of all time!

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Hiring a bridesmaid sounds like a weird thing to do. But it's not weird at all.

The people in your life are wonderful, but they might not know how to be there for you for your wedding needs. Or maybe you’ve grown apart from a lot of your friends. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a professional to step in and take charge of your chaotic bridal party.
Over the past 8-years, brides & grooms from all around the world have hired us to be their bridesmaids.

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Hire a Professional Bridesmaid 

Hiring a bridesmaid isn't hiring a friend for 8-hours; it's hiring an expert wedding professional to be there for you long before your wedding starts until you toss your bouquet.

More than just a friend. We’re your full-service support system

Help with your big wedding decisions & to-do list 

Expert advice to answer questions, challenging situations, and pop-up problems

There as your bridesmaid for the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and wedding 

Your go-to person to deal with bridesmaid drama, family dynamics, and rowdy guests 

An honest and unbiased pair of ears to dial 24/7 when you need support 

Help stay stress-free throughout all the touchpoints of your wedding adventure

How it works


Once we start working together, we’ll have regular phone sessions so I can help you with anything you need and we can build our relationship.


Hiring us can be a complete secret from everyone in your life - or you can let them know you brought in help - that's up to you!


If you’d like this to be a secret, we’ll create a backstory of how we know each other and I’ll take on a fake name and identity to help keep this confidential.

Hire a wedding professional


I’ll be there for you as much as you need before your wedding, helping with everything from dress shopping to planning an extraordinary bachelorette party.


On the day of your wedding, I’m your bridesmaid. I’ll wear the dress, walk down the aisle, give the speech, and help with any challenges or drama that pops up.


If you need more than one bridesmaid, we have a team of professionals you can hire to create an entire bridal party.

hire us

Hiring a bridesmaid is like hiring……

A friend you never knew you needed during the time you need her most

A professional problem solver who has been to over 150+ weddings

A support system that is there for you 24/7 no matter what you need 

An unbiased, non-judgemental, voice of reason

A calming force during a complicated time in your life

Someone who will remove all your guesswork

A built-in party starter on the dance floor 

The best friend you didn’t know you needed

"Paying Jen Glantz to be your Bridesmaid for Hire will be the best money you spend on your wedding"

“You might be thinking like I did, how sad is it that I have to pay someone to be my bridesmaid? Stop that Negative Nancy train of thought. Paying Jen Glantz to be your Bridesmaid for Hire will be the best money you spend on your wedding. If you are anything like me, a 30-something-year-old professional whose friends and sister are all busy being moms and/or professionals and/or living out of state, you need the help. Truth be told, your wedding party will want to execute the wedding of their dreams, not yours. Your mother or your mother-in-law will drive you insane. If you don’t have a therapist, Jen Glantz will serve that role for you, and happily.

- Brynn, Bride

“Jen is not just a Bridesmaid for Hire. No. She’s a friend for life.”

“We were married in Central Park and Jen was there by our side as our bridesmaid. Before that, I would email Jen a ton of questions. I need all the help in the world. We’d never been to NYC before and we were heading there to get married. Jen was our only bridesmaid. I emailed Jen questions, requests, asks, and everything I needed appeared in my inbox!! We loved spending time with Jen. At the end of our wedding day, though we were exhausted from floating around a big city we didn’t know, having just celebrated the biggest day of our lives, it was great to have Jen there to give us some more energy. Talking with her felt like talking to someone we’ve known for a very long time. Jen’s not just a Bridesmaid for hire. No. She’s a friend for life.”

-Rod and Buck, Grooms

“Everyone always asks.. “why do you need to hire a bridesmaid? Don’t you have any friends?”

My response is “yes, I have plenty of friends, I actually have 8 bridesmaids of my own”. Even with 8 of my friends surrounding me, you can’t imagine how extremely helpful it was to have Jen there the day of the wedding. Jen and I worked together from the first month I was engaged until after I walked down the aisle, and she helped me with planning, timelines and lent an ear and opinions whenever there was drama, and there was plenty of it! The morning of the wedding, at the ceremony, she actually walked my dog down the aisle; I’m sure that was a first for her! She helped unzip me when I needed to get out of my dress to pee, she bustled my dress so that I could dance. My mom and I were both so grateful to have her there. My mom exclaimed at one point “Thank God Jen is here!” Even my bridesmaids were grateful to have her there! She was lacing their dresses up & helping with whatever they needed. You don’t hire Jen just to look pretty in your bridal lineup; you hire her because she will make your day stress free!


Consider us your….

Personal assistant

Social director

On-call therapist



Get the support you deserve


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