We’re endlessly grateful to all of the people who have hired us over the past seven years. 

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thank you, clients!

Perhaps you’re wondering what it’s like to have us at your wedding as professional bridesmaids or you’re considering us to write your maid of honor speech.
Here are the words from real clients, all over the world, who have found joy, solace, comfort, and value satisfaction in working with us.

Meet Our Past Clients

Stephanie, Bride

“Bridesmaid for Hire was the best $$ we spent on the wedding! We LOVE Jen!

“From start to finish, it was incredible to work with Bridesmaid for Hire! Jen knew what I wanted before I did, and she made our wedding 100% stress-free.
Caught up in all of the festivities, I forgot a dress that I wanted to change into at our reception in our apartment, and Jen ran right out to get it for me–no questions asked!
She’s detail-oriented, fun, kind, observant and not afraid to go the extra mile. (Plus she can tie up a French bustle like a pro in 3 minutes flat!) She was right there for me even when my maid of honor wasn’t and helped to fill in a lot of the gaps.”

Christina, Bride

“From our first phone call, I knew Jen was the perfect fit.”

“Jen is funny, a wonderful listener, experienced, and offers an objective perspective that I truly needed. She made me feel better that for this time frame, I could be selfish and focus on myself and my needs, something I realized I wasn’t doing. I needed to just complain without feeling guilty, worry without being told not to, stress and not be told there’s nothing to stress over. I needed someone to acknowledge that it was OK. I was having trouble picking confetti bags on Etsy (this will be you!). 
Jen is also really fun to be around and talk to, which is what you need in the days and months leading up to your wedding. In a short amount of time, I felt like she really understood what kind of person I was, which is priceless! She reminded me to be in the moment – something I’m usually good at, yet that quickly faded during wedding planning.”

Maid of Honor

“Jen helped me navigate the chaos and be fully prepared to take on the role of being a maid of honor.”

“I’m so thankful for everything Jen did to help me over the past six months! It was so fun getting to know her and her amazing style, plus her unique approach to the wedding industry. Working with her made me feel on track with all my maid of honor tasks, from planning a virtual bachelorette party, a bridal shower, an NYC bachelorette party, and writing my maid of honor speech, to preparing for what I needed to do on my sister’s wedding day. Jen went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. My sister even ended up hiring Jen to be there on her wedding day too and she told me they felt so much better knowing she was there to navigate the chaos. I’m so thankful that Jen was there to support us all on such an important day and to hold space for all of us.

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Brynn, Bride

"Paying Jen Glantz to be your Bridesmaid for Hire will be the best money you spend on your wedding".

“You might be thinking like I did, how sad is it that I have to pay someone to be my bridesmaid? Stop that Negative Nancy train of thought. Paying Jen Glantz to be your Bridesmaid for Hire will be the best money you spend on your wedding. If you are anything like me, a 30-something-year-old professional whose friends and sister are all busy being moms and/or professionals and/or living out of state, you need the help. Truth be told, your wedding party will want to execute the wedding of their dreams, not yours. Your mother or your mother-in-law will drive you insane. If you don’t have a therapist, Jen Glantz will serve that role for you, and happily. Throughout my wedding planning process, it was therapeutic for me to word vomit my thoughts (read: anxiety attacks) to her via email. Things will go wrong on your wedding day that you do not foresee and cannot anticipate. My 60-year-old mother realized she forgot to bring her bra once we were mere hours away from the ceremony. No really. It’s true. Like the saint from the heavens that she is, Jen Glantz had a spare bra in her freggin’ fanny pack. Jen is a cute, stylish, girly, cool, funny chick. She is the kind of lady you want on your side for your wedding, or just on your side in general. In sum, run, don’t walk to Jen Glantz.

Rod and Buck, Grooms

“Jen is not just a Bridesmaid for Hire. No. She’s a friend for life.”

“We were married in Central Park and Jen was there, by our side as our bridesmaid. Before that, I would email Jen a ton of questions. I need all the help in the world. We’d never been to NYC before and we were heading there to get married. Jen was our only bridesmaid. I emailed Jen questions, requests, asks, and everything I needed appeared in my inbox!! We loved spending time with Jen. At the end of our wedding day, though we were exhausted from floating around a big city we didn’t know, having just celebrated the biggest day of our lives, it was great to have Jen there to give us some more energy. Talking with her felt like talking to someone we’ve known for a very long time. Jen’s not just a Bridesmaid for hire. No. She’s a friend for life.”

Anne, Bride

“Jen has been professional, warm, friendly, thoughtful, and considerate from day one.”

“She is like your friend who also happens to be a wedding pro so you ask her to please please please help out to make sure you and everyone else in your wedding party knows what to do or how to solve the inevitable hiccups that will happen when you have that many people working and partying together.
Then she shows up, and she has all the answers to every question you have. She is that member of the wedding party who is able to run back to your hotel room to get something you forgot while everyone else needs to stay with you because you are doing photos.
She is so sweet, and she will check in with your parents to make sure they are doing well and will chat with them like they are your friend, not just another wedding vendor.
My maid of honor personally told me after the wedding how much pressure and stress it took off her being able to work with Jen.
I was a guest at my own wedding. I also got to EAT at my own wedding; thanks to Jen checking in with me when I wanted more food. What a wonderful person, and we are so grateful Jen was there on our wedding day. Thank you Jen!”


“Working with Bridesmaid for Hire was one of the best wedding investments we made.”

“From day one speaking on the phone, Jen was so kind and outgoing and really got to the nitty-gritty of all the wedding details. She dotted our Is and crossed our Ts, and even made sure to cover things I wasn’t even thinking about yet! I felt so comfortable knowing Jen was there on our wedding day because I knew she would handle anything that came up that day – and wow, I was right! Looking back to our wedding, I still cannot believe just how much fun Connor and I had all because we were able to relax and know Jen had everything covered. From last-minute rain planning to canceling, but then rescheduling cocktail hour, to setting up lawn games, and coordinating with my parents (who I can’t even handle sometimes), Jen really knocked it out of the park.”

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Maids of Honor

“Being a Maid-of-Honor feels like you just adopted a second full-time job, but not when you hire Jen to help.”

“Jen helped me find a starting point and helped me better understand my maid of honor duties. I graduated college one year ago and just started working my first full-time job. The amount of work and stress I was under to fulfill my Maid-of-Honor duties and cross items off my to-do list became overwhelming. Jen was able to help me get organized and also do a lot of the behind-the-scenes research and planning for the bachelorette party and the bridal shower.
I turned to her to answer etiquette questions and to walk me through how to deal with other members of the wedding party with issues they were bringing to the table. Being a Maid-of-Honor feels like you just adopted a second full-time job. Working with Jen once a week for three months made that job feel a lot easier for me.”


– Rachel, Maid of Honor 

“Hiring Jen to write my maid of honor speech saved me a lot of stress and anxiety.”

“I wanted my maid of honor speech to be endearing and funny and not boring and awkward. At first, I was a little hesitant, wondering how a complete stranger could write such a personal speech without sounding generic. After speaking to Jen for the first time, she made me feel completely at ease and knew exactly the right questions to ask. She really helped organize all of the stories the bride and I shared while keeping it concise. Jen is such a sweetheart and a pleasure to work with. She even allowed me to practice with her a few times before the big day. The MOH speech had the perfect combination of charm, humor, and sincerity. The Bride said I “killed it” and everyone loved and complimented how great it was. Even the Best Man stated he had to step up his game after following my speech!”

Ruby, Maid of Honor

“Jen gave me a lot of confidence and I’m so grateful for her services, I wish I had found her earlier in my maid of honor career!”

“Jen was such a pleasure to work with! I used her to assist me in writing my maid of honor speech. Though I had done this twice before, I always find this to be a difficult and stressful task. I would absolutely recommend Jen for help in this department! She replied to my email within hours and we began working on the speech that very evening. She really helped me organize my thoughts and gave me a format to give my speech structure, which I was indeed lacking. It was wonderful to have someone turn my simple thoughts into beautiful words; she is truly a professional! Jen gave me many ideas to help elaborate on my stories, and on the feelings that I wanted to express. After two phone calls, and a couple of days of both of us editing and throwing ideas off each other, I had the perfect speech! In the past, I have seen writing and giving a speech as both a chore and a terrifying experience. But I actually had fun and I was excited to have my moment to share my thoughts and feelings with the bride and 150 others!”

Ashley, Maid of Honor

“Working with Jen was a flawless experience and I’m forever grateful for her services.”

“I wanted my maid of honor speech to be perfect and impress the audience. It went awesome! I had people come up and introduce themselves to me to tell me how much they enjoyed it. I felt bad even taking a little credit for it since Jen was my "secret weapon" so to speak and wrote the entire speech. I want to truly thank Jen for helping me and putting the emotions and thoughts in my head onto paper. I could not have done it without Jen. I am not a public speaker at all, and I felt confident going up and speaking in front of people with Jen’s words. Cannot thank her enough!

Erin, Maid of Honor

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Start Your Own Wedding Business Course

“I've been so intrigued by becoming a professional bridesmaid that I decided to take this course and WOW! It was better than I ever thought. I walked away with a new skill set - how to be an entrepreneur in the wedding industry. I'm going to launch my business in a month thanks to this course.”


– Megan

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“I took this course when I was unemployed and decided that I'd start a wedding side hustle while looking for a full-time job. This course helped me understand how to do that and helped me come up with a unique idea. I launched on Instagram and already made a few thousand dollars. I highly recommend taking this course!”

– Cristina

“Obsessed with Bridesmaid for Hire and this course taught me how Jen started it, how she figured out pricing for her packages and how she gets clients + goes viral all the time. I now know the exact blueprint to use to be successful with my own business!”

– Natalia

“My friend and I are starting our own virtual wedding consulting business and this course was SO helpful. We needed help figuring out our mission, pricing and how to stand out. This course helped us launch and book our first ten clients.”

– Amy

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