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Whether you're getting married or feeling like the ultimate professional bridesmaid, we have the gear, book, and fun items to make you feel prepared (and excited) to take on any wedding adventure ahead.  
What's New This Summer
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The Bridesmaid Book Bundle
Read Jen Glantz's best-selling books about the crazy things we do to find love, what it's like to be the world's first Bridesmaid for Hire, how to deal with being single when all of your friends are engaged and what happens when you let a million strangers vote + plan your future wedding.
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The Professional Bridesmaid Hat

Perfect for a sunny afternoon (or bad hair day), wear a cap that says it all: You, my friend, have become a professional bridesmaid. Be proud of that! This white hat is soft, comfy, and a great item to bring everywhere with you.

The Professional Bridesmaid Tote

Stuff your books, groceries, bridesmaid dress inside this professional bridesmaid tote. It's the perfect errand or wedding companion for the person who is known to be everyone's go-to bridesmaid.

The Signature Bridesmaid for Hire Hat

Grab our signature Bridesmaid for Hire hat and wear it just about everywhere - except when you walk down the aisle. The soft, white, and comfortable hat looks great on just about everyone!

The Signature Bridesmaid for Hire Tote

Grab one of our singature Bridesmaid for Hire totes, perfect to lug your favorite items around town or at a wedding. We love this soft small tote and use it for everything!

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Get the Professional Bridesmaid Must-Have Bundle 
Feeling like the ultimate professional bridesmaid this year? 

Grab a the Professional Bridesmaid bundle (hat & tote bag) that says it like it is.

You've truly become a professional bridesmaid.

Perfect for any occasion and it looks awesome on everyone.

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