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Wedding Season Has Arrived

Take a deep breath. 
Unclutch the bottle of Advil. 
Walk away from the bridal party email chains.
 We're here for you. 
We have your back.

Getting Married?

Engaged and wondering what's next? We're here to help with a wedding crash course that'll save your budget over $20,000, a day-of coordination service and a package to hire a bridesmaid.



Facing major writer's block with your maid-of-honor speech? Let us help you put together a wow-worthy speech that'll be memorable - for the right reasons.


Start a Wedding Business?

Love the wedding world and want to start a business that'll wow engaged couples or become the founder of your own professional bridesmaid business? We have a detailed course that'll help you start a business in 30 days - or less.

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LOL-Worthy & RelatableWedding & Dating Stories

Read Jen Glantz's best-selling books about the crazy things we do to find love, what it's like to be the world's first Bridesmaid for Hire, and how to deal with being single when all of your friends are engaged.
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Become a Professional Bridesmaid

Looking to get into the industry or create a wedding side hustle for yourself so you can make extra cash on the side? We have your back! Check out our professional bridesmaid course to learn all of the secrets of our business & how to start your own company in a week – or less.
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