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A maid of honor speech should be memorable…

…for the right reasons! So if you’re tasked with standing up in front of a ballroom, filled with guests, to give a speech of a lifetime, it might be confusing to know what to say and how to say it so it elicits laughter and happy tears.

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What if you could…

  1. Take your ideas and share them in an organized way?
  2. Learn step-by-step what should go inside your speech?
  3. Get professional help through videos, examples, and templates to use?

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If you want to give a memorable maid of honor speech, you need to have a structure that…

Hooks your audience’s attention in the first 8-seconds

Has a clear beginning, middle, and end

Incorporates important moments, emotions, and stories

Keeps the audience engaged & the couple impressed

Can you imagine giving the best maid of honor speech EVER without spending months writing it?

Finish your speech in just a few days

Use expert advice to help make sure it’s perfect 

Fit your memories and stories into on of the successful templates

Get public speaking tips that will up your confidence


The Maid of Honor Speechwriting Course

A step-by-step course to help you write the best maid of honor speech ever.

Write your speech, on your own, with the guidance of an expert.

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with jen glantz

"The maid of honor speechwriting course was a game-changer".

 I had ideas that I put down on paper but nothing was clicking. The speech was chunky and didn’t make sense. When I took this course, I was able to organize my thoughts, include key details, and make the speech sound engaging and cohesive. Highly recommend!” 

- Jesse B.

"I took this course because I had never written a maid of honor speech before and didn’t know where to start."

Inside the course, you get videos from Jen that walk you through each part of the speech. She helps you brainstorm what details to put down, shares tips I never heard before, and makes the process so easy to do.

-Amanda R.

"I was so nervous to write my maid of honor speech because I wanted it to be perfect".

“When I tried, I found myself stuck on the first sentence. This course walked me through exactly what kinds of ideas, memories, and stories to include and how to structure each paragraph so it all fit so well. I got so many compliments on my speech and it’s all because of this course.”

-Victoria N.


A Look at the Course

part one

Gather Details

You’ll start with a series of exercises, challenges, and convos to have with people in your life to pull together details, stories, and more. Say goodbye to writer’s block. This section will help the memories flow. 

Part Two

Organize & Structure

Feeling stressed about your role as a maid of honor? Let us help you with the dirty work, details, conversations, and organization of it all. Plus, we can help you write our maid of honor speech so it’s memorable for all of the right reasons.

part Three

Make it Engaging

ick from a handful of different ways to sprinkle emotion, humor, and captivating details into your speech so you can keep it engaging. You’ll learn how and when to insert those into your speech so it impresses the audience. 

Part four

Speak With Confidence

Learn tips and tricks to deliver your speech with confidence, manage any nerves, and project your voice so that people can’t stop listening. Even if you don’t love public speaking, this part will help you start to feel like a pro.

What makes this course unique?

Taught by Jen Glantz

Inside this course, you get exclusive video coaching, tips, and advice from the world’s first professional bridesmaid, Jen Glantz. She’s also a 3x author, published by Simon and Schuster, and a professional writer who has written thousands of articles for places like Glamour Magazine, BRIDES Magazine, and Insider.

Go at Your Own Pace

Whether you need to finish your speech in 3-days or 3-month, this course allows you to go at your own pace. You’ll have unlimited access to the material inside so you can use this course each and every time you have a maid of honor speech to give. Plus, you get access to new updates (that happen 2-3x a year) and additional perks as a course insider.

Get Writing & Speaking Tips

Not only do you get access to comprehensive tips and templates to help guide you through the writing process, you also get endless tips and tricks on how to improve your public speaking. You’ll end the course with a speech you’re proud of and the speaking skills to deliver every word of it with confidence and without nerves.

The maid of honor speechwriting course is unlike anything else offered to you

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  • Get unlimited access to the Maid of Honor Speechwriting Course 
  • Press play on videos, scribble ideas on worksheets and use a library of templates 
  • End the course with a speech you’re proud of 
  • BONUS! Enjoy public speaking course material


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  • Get unlimited access to the Maid of Honor Speechwriting Course 
  • Press play on videos, scribble ideas on worksheets `and use a library of templates 
  • Get feedback, edits, and coaching from Jen Glantz in a 30-minute session 
  • Work on delivery and public speaking with live coaching from Jen Glantz


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The Course

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Success Stories

“This course was EVERYTHING! I gave such a good speech that people were complimenting me all night. Most of all, it was a speech I was proud of.”

- Denise W.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I bought this course but it was honestly so incredible. It gave me so much help, guidance, and tips that it was worth every single penny.”

- Carina Q.

“If you’re in need of help with your speech, take this course. You will not regret it and you will give a speech that makes you feel on top of the world.” 

- Sarah V. 

Questions? We have answers.

This course is designed for you to go at your own pace with it. If you want to finish your speech in 2-days, you can. If you want to give yourself more time, you can do that too.

Yes! This course helps you organize your thoughts and gives you templates to follow and also teaches you how to use your own voice and word choice throughout each and every paragraph.

That’s awesome! This course helps you organize your thoughts, include key details, add engaging moments, and more.

This course is perfect for someone with good writing skills who wants to write the speech on their own. If you need extra help, check out our speechwriting services here. That might fit your goals better!

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