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The first company in the world where you can hire a bridesmaid, or a team of bridesmaids, for your wedding. Hiring a bridesmaid isn't hiring a friend for 8-hours, it's hiring an expert wedding professional to be there for you long before your wedding starts until you toss your bouquet.
Hiring a bridesmaid sounds like a weird thing to do. But it's not weird at all. 
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The people in your life are wonderful, but they might not know how to be there for you for your wedding needs, you might have grown apart from a lot of your gal pals, or you're just looking for a professional to step in and take charge of your chaotic bridal party.

Over the past four years, brides & grooms from all around the world have hired us to be their bridesmaid. 

We're here to help. 
Here's how hiring a bridesmaid works.
We begin working with clients anywhere from 1-year to three months before their wedding as their personal assistant, on-call therapist, social director, and peacekeeper. 

Hiring us can be a complete secret from everyone in your life - or you can let them know you brought in help - that's up to you!

Here's What We Do:
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Become a Professional Bridesmaid

Looking to get into the industry or create a wedding side hustle for yourself so you can make extra cash on the side? We have your back! Check out our professional bridesmaid course to learn all of the secrets of our business & how to start your own company in a week – or less.
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