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Why Should I Hire You?

At Bridesmaid for Hire, we love people & we love helping people make it through tough situations – like weddings – where the stress, anxiety, and feeling of being completely overwhelmed can be suffocating. 

That’s why we started this business. We're here as your on-demand, on-call wedding experts who will tell you which of your vendors are ripping you off, what you can easily cross off your to-do list, and how to make your wedding feel enjoyable without worrying about the 75+ things that could go wrong.

At your wedding, we're your behind-the-scenes warriors making sure those things don’t go wrong! We've caught a wedding cake, mid-air, that was heading for the ground, cleaned stubborn red wine stains off wedding dresses, and even broken up fights between hot-headed guests before security had to be called.

Am I Just Renting a Friend for the Day?

That's not what we do!

We work with clients anywhere between 1 year and 3 months before their wedding. We become their personal assistant, on-call therapist, social director, and peacekeeper – because show us a wedding that has zero drama and we'll show you a real-life unicorn.

You can do everything from hiring us just virtually, to having us there behind the scenes – making sure you and your bridesmaids have everything they need (we carry extension chords, super glue, and Band-Aids on us at all times), to hiring us to actually stand up there with you at the altar. That’s up to you! Either way, we’re happy to help with whatever you need before or on the day of your wedding.

Is This a Joke?

Jen Glantz's birthday may be on April Fool’s Day but that doesn’t mean everything she does is a complete joke. 

This business is for real! We've been in business for over four years and have had the pleasure of working with couples all over the world.

Are You a Wedding Planner In Disguise?

Wedding planners have a really important job, from focusing on preparing for the big day and making sure the vendors arrive on time and the venue is set up exactly as the bride imagined.

Our job is different. We're there to work specifically with the bride and her needs – whether it’s shopping for a wedding dress, organizing RSVPs, coordinating the bridal shower or bachelorette party, helping with a registry for gifts, etc.

Plus, if we're there on the big day, our number one goal is to make sure the bride and her wedding party are stress-free – and that their to-do list becomes our responsibility.

Do You Just Offer Bridesmaid for Hire Services?

We realize not everyone wants or needs a stranger to walk down the aisle on their wedding day. That’s why we offer SO many other packages – like day-of coordination, wedding coaching, and packages for maid-of-honors. We also have a speech writing/vow writing packages.

Can I Start a Similar Business As You?

Yes! After having close to 20,000 people apply to work for Bridesmaid for Hire (and after hiring a small team to help me out) we decided to help other people around the world create their own “professional bridesmaid” or wedding business. 

The Palm Beach Post called our “How to Start Your Own Wedding Business” a course that’s “high-value content and multi-industry use. It’s a one-stop shop. No gimmicks.”

If you’re looking to learn the secrets of how to start your own wedding business in 30-days or less, how our packages and pricing model works, and how we've been able to get the attention of over 250 media outlets, take the course!

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Again, Why Would I Need a Professional Bridesmaid?

Weddings are expensive for friends and family. For many, it requires traveling hundreds of miles to attend engagement parties, showers, and the actual day itself. If you’re in the bridal party, it often requires a big commitment in time and energy.

While you may want to have specific friends and family as part of your “big day” they may not be able to fly across the country to help you shop for a dress, know where to start when it comes to planning your bridal shower, or have the evenings open to chat on the phone about what’s on your to-do list that week and the wedding challenges and roadblocks you’re knocking into.

By hiring a Professional Bridesmaid, you can still honor your friends and family by having them be your bridesmaids, but without the burden or the “dirty work”. The Professional Bridesmaid does all the heavy lifting – so you and your girls can focus on the fun!

Getting Married?

Engaged and wondering what's next? We're here to help with a wedding crash course that'll save your budget over $20,000, a day-of coordination service and a package to hire a bridesmaid.



When being a maid-of-honor feels like a part-time job, we have your back with speech writing services and a maid-of-honor crash course that'll save you hundreds of headaches.


Start a Wedding Business?

Love the wedding world and want to start a business that'll wow engaged couples or become the founder of your own professional bridesmaid business? We have a detailed course that'll help you start a business in 30 days - or less.

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Become a Professional Bridesmaid

Looking to get into the industry or create a wedding side hustle for yourself so you can make extra cash on the side? We have your back! Check out our professional bridesmaid course to learn all of the secrets of our business & how to start your own company in a week – or less.
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