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Become a Professional Bridesmaid in 2021

Want to become a professional bridesmaid or start your own wedding business? We’re here to help you make that happen.

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We’d love to chat about doing a partnership or being interviewed for an upcoming story. Reaching out to turn Jen’s story into a Hollywood blockbuster? Share the details and we’ll respond as soon as we’re done catching the bouquet!

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The Secret Life as a
Bridesmaid for Hire


Read the real-life stories of Jen Glantz’s four-year adventure as a professional bridesmaid, where she’s walked down the aisle for complete strangers, danced with drunk uncles, and helped many brides who suddenly got cold feet.


Become a Professional Bridesmaid

Looking to get into the industry or create a wedding side hustle for yourself so you can make extra cash on the side? We have your back! Check out our professional bridesmaid course to learn all of the secrets of our business & how to start your own company in a week – or less.

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