Bridesmaid For Hire™ Handles All Of The Dirty Work

So the bride and wedding party can focus on what’s most important – enjoying every second of the wedding experience.




Whether you just need a wedding coach, a behind-the-scenes voice of reason, or an actual bridesmaid to stand up at the altar with you on your wedding day – I’m here to support you throughout your wedding adventure as your on-call therapist, your personal assistant, your social director, and your wedding peacekeeper.


Being a Maid-of-Honor can feel like a full-time gig that comes with a full-time headache. Let me help you plan the bachelorette party & bridal shower + write your wedding toast + and set you up with a month-by-month to do list that’ll make this role feel like a breeze. Don’t want the bride to know you needed help? No problem. It’s our little secret.


Wondering how to switch from rookie bridesmaid to MVP? Get all your questions answered in one place, at one time, so you can zip on that polyester dress, worry-free, knowing that you know it all. Watch the Bridesmaid Crash Course Video Series while you sitting on your couch  or hiding in your cubicle.

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Wondering What It’s Like To Be A Bridesmaid For Hire?

For all those who are wondering what it is like to walk down the aisle for complete strangers, search for love in a city that is infamous for people who don’t want to settle down, and start a business, by accident, from your couch cushions this is the book for you.




Let us handle all of the dirty work so the bride and wedding party can focus on what’s most important – enjoying every second of the wedding experience.


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Think you have what it takes to become a professional bridesmaid?  You too can soon be on your way to helping brides in need all around the world.



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