Bridesmaid for Hire Spring Giveaway

Putting the YOU Back In YOUR Wedding

It’s time to make your wedding feel more personal, unique,  and meaningful!

flowers-2 Our Spring giveaway is jammed packed with prizes that’ll jumpstart your wedding and give it the personal feel that it truly deserves. Whether you’re looking for a way to honor family members, add an extra twist of love throughout your wedding adventure, or even shine bright like the diamond you are inside – At Bridesmaid for Hire, we have your back!

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One lucky winner will receive prizes from: 

  • Tribute.co | Concierge Tribute Package ($125) 79d227cd-7d9e-40f8-8b3f-120d908f24ba
A Tribute is a collaborative video montage of family and friends telling someone why they love and appreciate them. Tribute.co makes it easy to build these celebratory video montages. With our Concierge package, you can sit back and relax while one of our concierges takes care of all outreach, video collection, and video editing.   Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 7.59.13 AM With You Lockets is giving away their signature Betty Bouquet Pin, including a custom printed photo placed inside! Beautifully crafted in silver with pink mother of pearl and white topaz stones, the Betty pin is a nod to the opulent age of art deco. The pin can be secured to a wedding bouquet to carry a loved one down the aisle. After the ceremony, secure it to your dress. An unforgettable finishing touch, it’s the most beautiful way to honor someone special. Locket measures 9.45 x 6.75mm       The Save the Date Wedding Podcast is all about nurturing #Bridechillas… they are a brides who are chill. That’s YOU girl! Wearing this #Bridechilla T-shirt and carrying this tote is guaranteed to cure you of any bridezilla tendencies and tell the world that you are one super happy #Bridechilla!         Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.13.18 AM A rewrite of your love story into a cohesive, beautiful narrative. Includes one photo of your choice, an elegant design. It’s custom framed (11×14) for immediate use at your wedding or in your home (frame chosen by you)! Must be a digital file formatted for printing.             VERSTANDING_JUNE-19-2015_6 These are white gold, 3.5 ct diamond earrings available to rent for 3-4 days. Due to the value of these earrings, William and Henry will require deposit from the winner. The deposit is fully refundable after the earrings have been returned.           FullSizeRender (30) Betsey Johnson satin robe (medium), bedazzled bride sleepmask, Betsey Johnson “I Said Yes” panties (small), gold brush engraved “Bride” champagne glass.           Undercover_Icon01 Includes 3, 1:1 sessions where we’ll help you create a to-do list, a day-of itinerary, and a budget for your wedding adventure. Consider us an extra set of ears to counsel you through any pop-up problems or challenges along the way.