The Best Groomsmen Gifts for Every Budget

Your friends have been there for you throughout your life no matter what was going on or what you needed and now, they’ve said yes to being there for you in a way you need them the most, as your groomsmen. Finding the perfect groomsmen gift for them can be a little bit of a headache, since all your friends may have different taste, style, and even sports teams that they root for. So while you want to give them something useful and meaningful, we want to help you do that without breaking the bank or your budget. Here are some gift ideas that won’t hurt your wallet too much. Under $50  

  1. Funny Socks
You can choose a pattern for all the guys to wear the same pair, or you can make them more personal and give each guy a pair of socks with their favorite superhero or sports team on them.  
  1. A money clip
Give it a personalized touch and engrave their initials or last name on it.  
  1. A bottle of their favorite alcohol
Whether it’s whiskey, tequila, or good old vodka, you can gift them a bottle of their favorite thing to drink so that they are fully stocked for the wedding after party.   Under $100  
  1. Cuff Links
Just like with the socks, you can customize the cufflinks to be more personal, either with the groomsmen’s initials or even a nickname you had for them.  
  1. A tie or bowtie
Instead of having them order one with their tux, you can pick one out for all your groomsmen to wear and give it to them on the day of the wedding as a gift.  
  1. A personalized golf club
Spend the morning of the wedding playing a quick round of golf with your groomsmen and surprise them with a personalized engrave golf club.