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Bridesmaid for Hire on The List


October 21, 2014

I took a quick trip down to Florida a few weeks ago to celebrate the tummy gargling holiday of Yom Kippur. While I was there, I snuck in filming a quick segment for the show “The List”.

This was the very first time my mom and dad accompanied me on one of these interviews and they got to see, first hand, how the whole process works. It was extra special because they filmed one scene with my mom and I!


My mom, who is my loyal stylist,  surprised me with the most gorgeous purple dress from Forever21 for me to wear on the interview. But when I went to put it on, it fit me like a snug crop top.

So, I grabbed the only (clean) outfit from my suitcase that  was fancy enough for TV and crossed my fingers the producers would still film the segment – since the outfit was a white dress.

That was a problem for three main reasons:

  1. They don’t like you to wear white or black on TV
  2. We were filming at a wedding dress store and the background was a giant selection of white fluff.
  3. We were filming at a wedding dress store and every single person I met that day asked me when MY wedding was!



Are you wondering what kind of gift to bring to the engagement party? Or how to protest against wearing a 7-layer chiffon polka dotted dress with a giant bow on the back? How about how the heck you can afford  to be a bridesmaid,  for the 5th time this year, without taking out a loan from Bank of America?

Jen’s been a bridesmaid more times than she can count on both hands – and she’s made every mistake there is, like bringing lingerie to a bridal shower and not bringing Advil to a bachelorette party. From ordering a bridesmaid dress a month before the wedding (& then buying fabric to make it herself in case it didn’t come in on time) to  wearing brand new heels to a wedding and having her toes semi-permanently go numb.

To pay it forward (& make sure you don’t make the same blistering mistakes), Jen’s asking you to send her any and all bridesmaid questions you have. She’ll send over an answer (& a virtual hug) within 48 hours.

You may have #99BridesmaidProblems but lack of advice is no longer one.

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