9 Superfoods to Eat the Week of Your Wedding

While one of the top things you can do the week of your wedding is get some quality rest and relaxation, the other thing you should do is try to eat as healthy as possible. Skip the crash diets and the juice cleanses and instead eat food that’ll help keep your body functioning at a high level and build up your immunity so you can fight off sleepless nights and stressful last-minute moments along the way. If you’re wondering what you should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, consider incorporating these 8 superfoods into your meal plan the week of your wedding. 1. Avocados Enjoy a piece of Avocado toast or add Avocado to a lunchtime pre-wedding salad because Avocados are filled with healthy fats and are loaded with fiber, which will help you feel full longer. 2. Sweet Potatoes Whether baked or grilled, having a handful of sweet potatoes are a great way to eat a low-calorie snack that’s packed with antioxidants. They are a superfood because they are a great source of carbohydrates and also because they help regulate your blood sugar levels. 3. Tea Swap out the soda pop and the cups of coffee for tea. Tea is a great way to detox your body from toxins and a great way to get antioxidants and vitamins. Plus, it helps burn fat too. 4. Spinach Spinach is arguably one of the healthiest superfoods because it contains so many antioxidants and vitamins. You’ll get a great serving of iron and be able to store up a lot of energy for the big week ahead. 5. Berries Get your hands on those berries, whether they are raspberries, strawberries or even blueberries. Berries are packed with antioxidants, potassium and vitamin C. The other main benefit is berries contain high-levels of fiber, which make you feel full longer. 6. Dried Apricots A great mid-day snack that lets you have a full dose of iron and fiber for the day. Mix a handful or two of dried apricots with almonds and raisins and you have a great bag of trail mix to munch on throughout the day. 7. Eggs Add eggs into your morning ritual since they are a great way to get protein and amino acids, helping you gain a boost of energy. Plus, they have vitamin D, which is so important for bone health. 8. Oatmeal If you wondering whether to reach for a bagel and cream cheese or a bowl of hot oatmeal the morning of your wedding, choose the later. Oatmeal will regulate your blood-sugar levels, having them rise slowly and stay even for a long period of time. This is especially important to have happen on a day when you’re running around and dealing with moments of anxiety and stress.

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