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7 Ways to Pump Up Your Bridesmaids Before the Wedding


September 15, 2015

Being a bridesmaid can be a lot of things: stressful, exhausting, blister mania when it comes to walking what feels like miles in those high heels. But the one thing it should be, no matter what, is a lot of fun. So whether your bridesmaids are rookies or MVPs, here are a few fresh ways to make sure they are pumped up and ready to strut their stuff down that aisle with you.


  1. Write Them a Love Letter

The best gift you can get anyone who is devoting a chunk of time and money to help you with something, is hand-written thank you letter. Be sure to write them a thank you love note before the wedding so that they feel super appreciated for all of their hard work and commitment throughout the process.


  1. Plan a Surprise Spa Day

Whether you do this on the morning of the wedding or even right before your bachelorette party or bridal shower kicks off, surprise your girls with a day a little pampering, like a 20-minute massage or a mani-pedi combo.


  1. Get Creative

Have them sign a “fun” contract that has a list of rules they must follow. All the rules should be silly and exciting – not serious at all!


  1. Create a Bridesmaid Only Hash Tag

This will encourage them to capture more moments throughout the wedding adventure.


  1. Play Some Mood Music

On the morning of the wedding, when the stress starts to fumigate in the air, play some high-energy music to get the morning part started. Extra note: you can’t go wrong with an early morning dance party


  1. Give Them Some Down Time

If you and your new hubby go off to take some family photos before the ceremony, let your bridesmaids relax a little. Give them some down time before the ceremony starts and the real party begins.


  1. Fun Feeds Off of Fun

Your bridesmaids will follow your lead! Try to keep your energy and positivity up. That way, they’ll follow along on your self-made fun train.


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