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4 Alternatives to a Champagne Toast at Your Wedding


April 4, 2016

One moment that truly brings all of your wedding guests together is during the traditional champagne toast that happens toward the start of the reception. Everyone at the wedding takes a moment to raise a glass of bubbly in the air and in unison, cheers to the happiness and love you’ll experience in the future. While traditionally, champagne has been the drink of choice for this toast, it doesn’t have to be. Spice it up a bit with these four alternatives.


  1. Go With a Shot

Instead of pouring champagne into flutes for each individual guest, chat with the caterer beforehand and get them to prepare mini-shots for each guest of your favorite kind of liquor or mixed drink. While not everyone may be excited to take the shot, if it’s something you prefer over champagne, don’t feel weird about doing it. People can have a tiny taste if they’d like.


  1. Opt-In for a Signature Cocktail

If you’re going to have a signature cocktail at your wedding, you can replace the champagne toast with it. Arrange to have pitchers of this drink available and poured in glasses when guests sit down.


  1. Choose Your Favorite Wine

If you’re looking to keep the toast classy, switch out the champagne for your favorite wine instead. You can even offer a choice of one white and one red to better accommodate your guests. This will also give you a fun activity to do before your wedding, with your fiancé. Pick a weekend and do a fun wine testing.


  1. Let Guests Pick and Choose

Instead of setting one specific drink you’d like all your guests to toast you with, have them choose themselves. Let them toast whatever they are actually drinking. This is a great way to keep it personal and also inviting for your guests to want to join in and participate.

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