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Your friends have been there for you throughout your life no matter what was going on or what you needed and now, they’ve said yes to being there for you in a way you need them the most, as your groomsmen. Finding the perfect groomsmen gift for them can be a little bit of a headache, since all your friends may have different taste, style, and even sports teams that they root for. So while you want to give them something useful and meaningful, we want to help you do that without breaking the bank or your budget. Here are some gift ideas that won’t hurt your wallet too much. Under $50  
  1. Funny Socks
You can choose a pattern for all the guys to wear the same pair, or you can make them more personal and give each guy a pair of socks with their favorite superhero or sports team on them.  
  1. A money clip
Give it a personalized touch and engrave their initials or last name on it.  
  1. A bottle of their favorite alcohol
Whether it’s whiskey, tequila, or good old vodka, you can gift them a bottle of their favorite thing to drink so that they are fully stocked for the wedding after party.   Under $100  
  1. Cuff Links
Just like with the socks, you can customize the cufflinks to be more personal, either with the groomsmen’s initials or even a nickname you had for them.  
  1. A tie or bowtie
Instead of having them order one with their tux, you can pick one out for all your groomsmen to wear and give it to them on the day of the wedding as a gift.  
  1. A personalized golf club
Spend the morning of the wedding playing a quick round of golf with your groomsmen and surprise them with a personalized engrave golf club.

The question has been popped and so has a bottle of champagne! You’re engaged and your excitement level is knocking on the ceiling as you celebrate with family and friends, start deciding when and where you’d like to get married, and process all the other small details that come along with your journey through the wedding adventure. But know that you’re not alone through it all! To get you started, here are five things you can expect during your first week of being engaged.  
  1. The Urge to Plan it All
You might feel like you need to know when and where and who will be invited all in the first 48 hours of your engagement. But you don’t! Enjoy the first week without thinking about any future wedding plans, like what color napkins you should do or if you want a band or a DJ. You’ll have plenty of time to dive into those details.  
  1. A Constantly Dead Cell Phone
Your phone will be blowing up with text, calls, emails, and Snapchats from friends and family that have you known you at all different parts of your life sending their congratulations. It’s best to carry around a portable charger during this time.  
  1. People Asking for a Ring Selfie
Because everyone wants to see your new bling! If you’re not interested in flaunting it all over Facebook, you can send a photo to your list of favorite family members and friends and the rest can wait to see it in person.  
  1. Your Free Time to Be Stolen by Pinterest
You might as well put up a Facebook status that says, “If you can’t reach me, it’s because I’m 13 Pinterest boards deep in wedding planning.”  
  1. A Lot of Caffeine
You may be too excited to sleep or even too busy celebrating to take a moment and relax. Try your hardest to carve out some down time so you and your fiancé can twirl around in your pre-wedding planning state of bliss.

Deciding where you’d like to have your wedding can be a tough decision to make. In the end, it is almost as if you’re finding a home for the biggest party, day, and moment of your life. So the place you choose should have the atmosphere, vibe, and accommodation that not only fit your budget but also fit the overall look and theme of your wedding. When you’ve said I Do to a wedding venue and are about to sign on the dotted line, here are four ways to make sure you’ve discovered and dodged any hidden wedding venue fees.  
  1. Review the Contract Yourself
Love does make us all a little blind, but when it comes to finding the wedding venue of your dreams, avoid jumping in and signing on the dotted line without reviewing the contract. Get a second pair of eyes to look over it as well.  
  1. Circle Any Questionable Fees
There may be descriptions of fees that you don’t fully understand, like a cake-cutting fee or a set-up and breakdown fee. Highlight those and ask the venue to explain them to you before making this official.  
  1. Outline Overtime Charges
Because the party might not end when you think it will, be sure to have a set fee attached to what happens if you don’t leave the venue for an hour or two after the scheduled end time.  
  1. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
Even though the venue has quoted you an initial price, be sure the contract you’re signing has the final price, including all taxes and extra add ons. Just so that there are no surprises after you sign on the dotted line!

Jen Glantz is a “Professional Bridesmaid” and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She’s the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates. For her column, Jen tackles a bride’s burning question: I just got engaged – now what? Bet it’s been a while since you’ve felt this much excitement, right? While you probably just want to hug and kiss your fiancé and spend time letting your newly engaged self marinate over the adventure to come, you’re being pulled in so many different directions! Should you rush and tell family, friends, post on social media and let the whole world know about? When is too soon to start planning? You’re probably even feeling a little bit of pressure that if you don’t pick a date and book a venue in the next five days, you wont be able to get married until 2018.   The first thing you should do is turn your phone off. That’s right. It’s probably the opposite of what you want to do, but the truth is, if you don’t, you’re going to be inundated with so many phone calls and text messages and Facebook likes from the people in your life that matter, but that can also wait. Let your first moment of wedding stress be over whether you should have a winter wonderland wedding or one in the darling springtime. Enjoy a few hours or even days with your fiancé and only let immediate family know about your engagement. Then spread the word in doses, so that you wont feel overwhelmed with your phone blowing up.   As far as planning, know that there is no rush. Some people want to get their wedding planning done immediately and some take four months just to pick a wedding date. Start the adventure whenever you feel it’s right and ask the people around you (I’m talking about your mom, your best gal pals, and the wedding Pinterest boards) to let you breathe a little bit and enjoy every moment of this engagement bliss.